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This week’s new TLDs: .Group, .Salon and .Store EAP

New domain names are headed for release this week.

There are a handful of new top level domain name opportunities this week.

The .Store early access period starts on Tuesday when you can get .store domains for a hefty price of about $30,000. While that number might seem crazy, I can’t blame .store registry Radix for trying.

Prices drop to about $11,000-$13,000 on day 2, and 101Domain has the final day priced at $299.

Next week’s general availability for .store should be big thanks, in part, to low pricing of about $10-$15.

Donuts releases .Group and .Salon in general availability on Wednesday. .Group is particularly compelling given how many companies end their name with “group”. It’s also priced low at about $15-$20 per year retail.

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  1. Tchak says

    6 days after de general availability .salon has sold… 471 names !!! I don’t know why Donuts has paid $5.1 Million for the auction !!!… plus the $185,000 application fee.

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