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DNForum makes its return

A long-running domain name forum is coming back.

Adam Dicker’s DNForum has returned to the interwebs.

The forum stopped resolving in February without notice to customers.

At the time, Dicker was dealing with a number of complaints from people saying he owed them money or refunds for services they purchases.

Since then, Dicker sold the DNF.com domain shortcut and even parked the DNForum.com domain for a while.

Complaints against Dicker continue, but DNForum is back.

A terse note sent to members today reads:

DNForum.com Is OPEN! – The Place to Talk Domains!

Please feel free to use the forum now.
We are adding many new features in the next week, our official launch will be June 1, 2016.
All existing passwords will work.

A few new posts have already popped up, mostly in the “domains for sale” section.

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  1. Jeff Schneider says

    We all need more open forums to learn the art of domaining. OPEN meaning non-Censored, maybe this time around it will be a more open forum.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Former Marketing Analyst/Strategist Rockefeller IBEC Group) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist

    • Jade Devon says

      I’ve registered and am a little disappointed, most of the content on the forum dates back from some time back with not many responses. Though its early days, and the money has been paid so I may as well hope that it improves.

  2. Stan Levinson says

    more power to Adam Dicker. you stupid hypocrite whites are voting for a pig of a man ( Trump ) who makes Adam look like an altar boy. go Adam go !!

  3. Doc says

    And he will continue to suck blood from innocent domain beginners and even others..Its a shame

  4. Aubrey says

    You’re playing right into his publicity scheme. 🙁
    He still owes money to people who I know. That’s what we should be drawing attention to. Until he makes right on his debts, no one should be helping him gain an audience of new potential victims.
    Most of us don’t care if DnForum is up, down, sideways, or sold. The poll on DG showed that.

    What we do care about and what I’m most concerned about is DnForum allowing newbies to be preyed upon again. Drawing attention to it is making that more likely, unfortunately.

    Today is a sad day for us all.

  5. Aubrey says

    And with all do respect, I have to ask… Why do you continue to grant publicity and “link juice” to a fraudster?

    Yes, these posts draw a lot of traffic to your blog but at some point you have to do what’s right and not what will increase your numbers. You’ve talked more about DnForum this year than you have every other blog and forum combined. Please stop. Our industry doesn’t need any more scams occurring in it. Maybe I’m just being emotional because this is really sad for our industry. :'(

    • Brad says

      Andrew runs a domain news site and a damn good one at that. This is domain news and it deserves to be here. What you are asking is for Andrew to censor certain topics even though they are newsworthy. The mainstream media does this and misleads people with politics and a whole host of other topics, but Andrew is still one of the good guys.

    • Nick says

      What link juice? I see no links to him. I find news of a forum from a fraudster that is reopening useful. I now know it is not sold and still being run by a fraudster. Stop whining so much.

  6. Ryan says

    Where is the money going to come from now that cutting edge websites or template pages are not being designed, by the exiled sherpa, no audience, no traaction, a google of his name comes back with allegations, no money, no honey.

    Who cares I wish DNFORUM would just go away, please stay away, and do not support anything to do with him.

  7. Joseph Peterson says

    Some domainers will post their domains for sale anywhere they think eyeballs might glance. They’ll do it in blog comments, relevance be damned! So they’ll certainly do it at DNForum, which always had a designated “for sale” area.

    The urge to make money will take them to the forum, whether they can actually make a penny there or not. In my experience, few domainers are really willing to say “No” to a buck merely for the sake of their principles.

    I won’t blame anybody for posting at DNForum. Nobody is obligated to boycott a service.

    My own preference would be for DNForum to come back under new ownership. That would be better for everybody. Yes, it would even be better for Adam Dicker, whose continued involvement is damaging the value of (what I presume is still) his own property. By selling DNForum, he could earn more than he can by running it; and that could result in Dicker’s debts being repaid more quickly.

    I don’t plan on posting there. But let’s suppose I want to buy a domain name, and the easiest or only way to deal with the seller is to go through his own post at DNForum. Should I avoid buying the domain from that person? And let’s suppose that you have an old negotiation stuck in private messages from before DNForum’s closure. Would you avoid reviving that discussion, costing yourself and that other person business simply to punish Adam Dicker? That’s not going to happen.

    Righteous indignation serves a purpose. But at the end of the day, we must be realistic. DNForum was a large busy site. It’s badly damaged, thanks to scandals surrounding its most recent owner. But the site predates Adam Dicker, and it will most likely limp along still even if he is riding it.

    • Logan says

      Joseph, the facts are that DNForum was dead for at least a year prior to the scandals surrounding its most recent owner. Anyone (like myself) on DNForum in the year prior to the scandal was fully aware that it was dead before, during, and after the drama. Back in its heyday, it would have been booming with discussion/activity about the scandal. But there wasn’t a peep about it there.

      Even with the forum working again, it doesn’t change that it was and still is a ghost town.

      You’re right that newer domainers will post their domains anywhere trying to get eyeballs. Twitter is an example of that with too many domainers posting their garbage to a nonexistent crowd.

      Experienced domainers don’t waste their time on those fruitless endeavours.

  8. Picas says

    I did not believe to hear about Adam Dicker’s frauds …and now I see that domaining business is going to the end. Who is the guy to destroy this domaining market with his idea of creating various rubbish gTLDs …???

  9. Charley says

    It’s a sad day for the domain community if Adam Dicker is going to run the show again.

  10. Bill says

    Dicker is dodging the very few tough questions that he has been asked. He’s been asked about why nobody got paid in his football pool, the criminal allegation and the forum shutdown. In his usual slinky way, he simply dodged the question with an evasive “all will soon be explained” type of reply.

    He was flying a Uniregistry banner and a couple of others that may have been affiliate links not advertisers, but those have been removed.

  11. Nadeem Azam (Azam.net) says

    Thanks for the heads-up a few months back. Unfortunately the website has gone down again.

    Logged into our (lifetime) DNForum account again, but it’s still not working? Will the community ever be revived? It was a decent place to hang out for nearly a decade.

    Check out our domain names for sale: http://www.azam.net/buy/ . We are offering 20% off for anybody who refers to having seen this notification at the excellent Domain Name Wire.

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