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The Beijing company that is building a “Great Wall of Domain Names” in China.

VP of China’s oldest and largest online domain investor community weighs in on price trends, possible effect of regulation on the market, and tips for western domainers.

We have another video about the Chinese domain name market courtesy of ChopChop.domains.

In this video, Arto Isokoski (CEO of TLD Registry) asks Zhiqiang ‘Sky’ Wei 魏志强, VP of EJEE Group Holdings, to comment on last year’s crazy domain price increases, if there is real demand, and his thoughts on where prices will go moving forward. He also comments on how MIIT government policies may affect domain name investors and end users.

Sky goes on to explain some of the challenges and barriers that Chinese face in dealing with western sellers, and he offers some advice to western sellers on how to initially deal with Chinese buyers.

The audio is a bit quiet during Jin Wang’s (TLD Registry’s China GM) interpretation, but I encourage you to listen as there’s some great insight into working with Chinese domain name investors.

From Beijing, EJEE Group Holdings operates domain.cn (The City of Domains), the oldest and largest online community for domain investors in China. They also operate escrow.cn, ipChina.com, ejeepay.com and EachNIC registrar (also known as Yijie.com).

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