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Trump drops, Bots soar in latest .Com report

The bots are coming (in .com)!

Verisign has released its latest trending keywords report for .com domain name registration.

Donald Trump has bee knocked off his perch at number one but was still the second most popular trending keyword in new .com registrations in March. That’s quite an accomplishment, given that the rankings compare registrations including the keyword compared to the prior month. This means .com registrations including Trump were up last month compared to February, just not as big of a jump as the #1 word.

The word bot made its debut on the list, probably spurred by Microsoft’s racist chatbot but promise for more bots in the future.

Also notable on the list is Cuba, coming in at #4 after President Obama’s trip. People registering Cuba domain names right now might be too late.

But both of these were “trumped” by building, which landed on the #1 spot. That’s thanks to over 1,000 registrations on March 8.

1. building
2. trump
3. chat
4. cuba
5. lots
6. bot
7. dentist
8. shower
9. seas
10. burn

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