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What domain names GE and others bought last week

GE was among the companies buying domain names at Sedo last week.

Sedo handled $1.2 million worth of domain name transactions last week. This included some noteworthy sales to end users.

Jobs.bg keeps buying jobs domains, spending another €93,000 on names. An online ad agency forked over $40k for a domain, and GE paid five grand for YourSmartGrid.com.

Here’s a look at end user sales at Sedo over the past week:

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ITjobs.de €58,000 and ITjobs.nl €35,000 – Jobs.bg keeps on spending…

Webmaster.co.uk £2,350 – UK web development company Gidato Ltd.

Diagnosticum.com €2,000 – German laboratory tests company Diagnosticum has been using Diagnosticum.eu.

Microcube.com $40,000 – Micro Cube Global Ltd is an online advertising agency with offices in Seattle, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Moscow.

FindCredit.com $3,450 – the credit ratings company behind CreditInfo.is.

AirportSolutions.com $2,999 – Tarsus Exhibitions runs tradeshows, including for the air travel industry.

Despatches.com $2,499 – the buyer owns a company called Despatches Limited. I can’t find a web presence for it.

YourSmartGrid.com $5,000 – None other than GE.

HealthcareUSA.org $2,500 – online advertising firm Katch. What will they do with it?

V-storage.com $2,500 – Scholt Group B.V. is an energy company. Any guest as to what they’ll use the domain for?

Enhance.net $3,499 – As best I can tell, NouveauGenesis doesn’t plan to use this domain for what you might think a medical products company would use it for.

CellSavers.com €6,000 – CellSavers is an on-demand cell phone repair service that comes to your home.

MaterialHandlingServices.com $4,500 – Material Handling Services is an Inc 500 company specializing in what it’s name says.

TaxiBus.com $2,999 – buyer John Akomaning Houston operates travel companies in the UK.

SmartHelmet.com $13,999 – Product development company Tech21 sells cell phone and laptop covers.

LoveYourHood.com $3,000 – real estate group Starbuck Realty Group.

Pekoe.com $5,000 – Pekoe Sip House is a coffee chain in Boulder, Colorado with three locations. This is a huge domain upgrade for them.

BlackCurve.com $2,813 – Pricing and quoting software company Innoware. Black curve is a pricing chart line?

FusionFunding.com $2,650 – Fusion Capital offers business loans.

Outscripts.com $2,400 – Web development company Inscripts decided it also wanted Outscripts. Go figure.

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  1. Ben says

    V-storage probably = virtual storage and will be some sort of energy arbitrage with batteries. Very similar to GE’s purchase actually.

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