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BrandBucket sold 801 domain names for $2.4 million in 2015

801 domain names found homes through BrandBucket last year.

brandbucketBrandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket sold 801 domain names last year for a total of $2.4 million, the company announced today. That’s an average of $3,000 per domain sold.

The company lists over 27,000 brandable domain names for sale, ranging from two-word domains (DropHatch.com, ShareReady.com) to made up words (Rycky.com, Vouchza.com).

Each domain name in the marketplace includes a logo.

BrandBucket adds a 30% consignment fee to the seller’s asking price, plus a charge for the logo. It also charges a $10 listing fee.

This means the company probably brought in about $750,000 in revenue last year, assuming all domain sales were for third-party listers.

Brandable domain names can be difficult to sell, but BrandBucket does a good job pulling together quality brandable inventory at fair prices. This, combined with requiring clients forward their domains to landing pages, helped the company turn 3% 5% of its inventory last year.

[This story was updated to reflect a sell-through rate of 5% based on the average number of domains BrandBucket had listed for sale last year (16,000).]

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  1. Joseph Peterson says

    “… assuming all domain sales were for third-party listers”

    BrandBucket’s managing director, Michael Krell, has many of his own domains listed on the site. I forget what percentage of BB’s domains belong to him, but I recall it being a significant chunk.

    Also, I’m not sure we can calculate a sell-through rate simply by dividing the number of sales by the average inventory.

    Example 1: Suppose my art gallery holds 10 paintings. If I sold 50 paintings last year, then was my sell-through rate 500%?

    Example 2: Same as above. But now I admit that my gallery has showcased 1000 different paintings during the past year, even though it can feature only 10 at 1 time. Paintings were removed without selling, and that’s crucial. So was my sell-through rate 500% or 5%?

    Example 3: Same as above. But now I reveal that we showed 200 different paintings during the first 6 months, selling 20, followed by 800 different paintings during the last half of the year, selling 30. That means a rate of 10% at first, then a rate of 3.75% thereafter. Is that 5%?

    This is an extreme example. Point is, there’s more to the story.

  2. Louise says

    I put the question to BrandBucket, for the sake of transparency, how many or what percentage of the portfolio of 27,000 domains showcased on Brandbucket and its affiliates are property of Brandbucket and its associates?

    There is a one-time, $10.00 listing fee, for each domain name. Every week, Brandbucket newsletter lists upwards of 450 new domain names.

    I asked, because you’re up against so many domain names. Brandbucket didn’t used to be that way. I have one domain name listed there, ippprove.com .

    Yet, my submissions mainly get rejected. Brandbucket doesn’t seem to be compromising on quality . . .

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