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19 End User Domain Name Sales

Domains for a new app, an illustrator and a celebrity service traded hands last week.

Sedo handled 698 transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million in domain name transactions.

There were some good end user sales for the week, including the €20,000 sale of Maschine.com and $20,000 sale of LeoTech.com.

Other buyers include a company that picked up a domain for its new app, a UK illustration company that bought a great dictionary-term domain, and a Colorado real estate agent that picked up the descriptive MountainHighRealty.com domain.

Let’s dig into it:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Panizza1879.cn €2,000 – Panizza is an Italian hat maker that uses the domain name Panizza1879.com.

Illustrate.co.uk £2,148 – Tobias Illustrations Ltd, which currently uses the domain name tobiasillustrations.co.uk.

Metanet.de €2,000 – Swiss webhosting company Metanet, which uses the domain name metanet.ch.

FightForLife.com $5,000 – Fight For Life Continum. On his LinkedIn page, buyer Tom Kidd describes the group as “New healthcare project involved in extension of life with quality for terminally ill patients. The plan of care is developed withh the caregiver(s) and family by a pool of medical professionals to maximize the life of the patient with quality after standard teatment (sic) protocols and before hospice. Project launches on June 30-2016 and focused on Ovarian Cancer in the beginning.”

PictureShop.com €2,499 – Hollywood visual effects and design studio PictureHead.

AAMoney.com $5,938 – AAStocks.com, Limited, which operates a financial news site.

StyleWorx.com $4,625 – StyleWorx won’t launch for another couple months, but it still wisely bought the .com to go with its matching .co.uk domain name. It still miserably fails the radio test.

Maschine.com €20,000 – Maschine can be a translation for “engine”. Buyer Florian Berger GmbH supplies fueling station equipment.

FlipDeck.com $2,483 – Presentek Inc. is getting ready to launch an app called FlipDeck.

MountainHighRealty.com $4,000 – Bought by a Re/max agent in Colorado.

CelebrityPro.com $4,999 – Mega Niche Media operates a site called ContactAnyCelebrity.com.

Spargo.com $4,800 – J. Spargo and Associates, Incorporated goes by the name Spargo. The company is an event manager. Spargo.com is a big improvement to its prior domain JSpargo.com.

LeoTech.com $20,000 – LEO TECH Services Pte Ltd, an IT company, bought the .com to go with LeoTech.com.sg.

HBK.co $2,200 – HBK Investments L.P. bought the .co that matches its three letter .com domain name.

EAAS.org $2,500 – Aspen University in Colorado. I’m not sure what the acronym stands for.

Sid.co $7,500 – Sid is the first technology built on the Spherebox platform. It’s a team collaboration tool.

AppDevice.com $3,650 – Buyer AppDirect offers a technology for selling cloud subscriptions.

Apuestas-Deportivas.com €6,999 – Apuestas Deportivas means “Sports bets”, and it already developed as a sports betting site.

Mars.audio $2,998 – Mars Video is a programmatic video network.

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  1. Paolo says

    about MountainHighRealty.com from whois the same day it is created also the .net version, probably the deal of 4k include both domains or they regged it the same day of the purchase

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