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Michael Berkens resigns from Right of the Dot

After big sale, Berkens resigns from domain consulting group.

Michael Berkens
Michael Berkens
Michael Berkens has resigned as a Director and officer of Right of the Dot, LLC, a consulting firm he co-founded with Monte Cahn.

Berkens recently updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect that he was no longer with the company, and I verified the move with him.

The move is not entirely surprising. Berkens recently sold the majority of his domain name portfolio to GoDaddy for an eight-figure sum. Part of his rationale for the sale was to spend less time working, so it doesn’t make sense to serve as a domain name consultant.

When the sale was announced, Berkens also said he’d blog less. He has dialed it down a bit, but I wouldn’t bet money on him shutting down TheDomains anytime soon.

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  1. M. Menius

    Seriously, I look forward to visiting DNW and TheDomains every day. Maybe Mike stepping down at ROTD will increase the chances of him continuing to blog!

  2. Ryan

    He is still paying thousands in auctions for domains, I see him bidding at all the major exchanges daily?

    $35M and then some banked, and you still want to sit on your computer, and bid on auctions what the hell for?

    Give the other guys some skin in the game man

    • Acro

      Want skin? Go to Mike’s Adult.Domains LOL 😀

      LinkedIn profile changes can reveal some interesting job transitions.

        • Acro

          Ryan, Mike’s a married guy and his adult domain portfolio doesn’t need his wife’s permission. But thanks for the compliment.

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