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Halle Berry wants her domain name

Actress files complaint against owner of HalleBerry.com.

halle-berryActress Halle Berry has filed a cybersquatting complaint in order to obtain the domain name HalleBerry.com. The case was filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) with World Intellectual Property Organization.

[Update: Halle Berry won the case]

The domain name is owned by Alberta Hod Rods, a company that has registered many celebrities’ domain names. The company has already lost cases filed by Pamela Anderson, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz.

Visiting HalleBerry.com currently shows a 403 error. About ten years ago it forwarded to a celebrity site.

The big mystery about this case is why Berry waited so long to file it.

Photo: Gage Skidmor

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  1. Dorkside says

    Alberta Hod Rods seems to own an impressive collection of names: 004.com, 005.com, 006.com, GWG.com and Charlottetown.com among some other gems.

    It seems really odd for someone who owns so many high end domains to be messing around with celebrity names.

  2. Ryan says

    He also owns melgibson.com, I have seen his names on whois for years, he is one of those early westcoast canadian guys that have been in it from the start, the above mentioned names are worth into 7 figures.

    He has the money to oppose it, not sure why he would, maybe some of them have paid up, who knows. The consensus states celebs will win UDRP’s all day long.

  3. steve says

    Probably not a good sign for Halle. Oh, most likely she’ll win the UDRP. But putting up her web site to sell who knows what most likely means she’s not getting those $10 million paychecks for 6 weeks of work, or those Japanese commercials that pay $15 million for a week of work, so she’s exploring other options to pay for the over 10 mortgages she has, and a staff of over 30, including lawyers, chore ho’s, etc.

    I had dinner with a well known actress 10 years ago, and I told her I’d give her a domain that was her first name. Also a .com. Her response. “No thanks. I don’t need a domain. I’ve got plenty of work.”

    The big-time roles stopped coming in, as she approached the age of 40. So she had decided to start a line of cosmetics under her name and she reached out to me to see if she get still have the domain.

    “Sorry. I sold it to a domain investor 7 years ago?”
    “Well, can I buy it, or can you buy it for me?”

    Her agent tried to buy it. But passed, as the price was too high. Low 6 figures.

    Bottom line: celebrities are already fighting in their own cut throat worlds to survive and stay afloat. Domaining never enters their minds, unless an agent suggests exploring other options to make revenues.

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