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Who bought what? End user domain name purchases

End user buyers include Fluor, which has a $6 billion market cap.

SoldSedo handled 588 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1 million. A number of these domain names were purchased by end users, including the pricey acquisition of Choose.co.uk.

Among other notable buyers, Engineering company Fluor bought a four letter domain name for one of its partnerships.

Here’s a look at these end user domain name sales from the past week:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Choose.co.uk £16,500 – Choose Ltd runs a number of online comparison sites.

MAG.co.uk £4,325 – The Motor Auction Group Limited in the UK.

HiMove.com $5,650 – This was purchased by the company that owns HiMoveBus.com. The Google translation from Chinese is a bit baffling — I can’t tell if this company is a communications or transportation company, or a combo of both.

Everspan.com $2,250 – A CSC client.

ASPcapital.com $2,395 – Investment management firm Adams Street Partners.

Genco.net $4,000 – Genco Services L.P., an email marketing firm.

WaterBased.ink $3,125 – Ink manufacturer Hi-Tech Products Ltd.

PlayersUnited.com $2,899 – Soccer sports marketing agency Players United. It uses the domain name PlayersUnited.nl.

DestinationMidtown.com $2,395 – Empire State Building Company LLC in New York City.

ANGS.com $3,999 – Not a domain name investor! Engineering construction company Fluor has a partnership in Russa called ANGS. Fluor has a market cap of $6 billion.

Skoor.com $7,000 – IT company Junisphere recently filed for a trademark for Skoor.

Conexus.net €2,300 – Conexus, an education company Scandinavia, uses Conexus.no for its website. It does not own Conexus.com.

Sipnet.com $2,500 – Russian telecom company Sipnet, which uses Sipnet.ru for its web presence.

Hingless.com $2,000 – Off The Hinges sells sliding barn door hardware.

Watch2Day.com $4,500 – The buyer operates Watch2Day.nl, a watch store for the Netherlands.

GruppoBianchi.com $2,795 – Bianchi Industrial S.p.A. A Socio Unico, maker of industrial components.

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  1. Joe Styler says

    Genco – I thought they were an olive oil company. Nice new gtld sale on the .ink. Thanks for the list.

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