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Google Self-Driving Car: The X?

Google’s .car domain name registrations are more interesting than Apple’s.

Google CarEveryone got in a tizzy a couple weeks ago about Apple registering .car domain names. This was stupid because Apple registers its brands in just about every new domain name that comes out.

Google does the same — it registered Adsense.car, Alphabet.car and Google.car, among others.

But it also registered a few generic/descriptive domains in .car, .cars and .auto. It registered SelfDriving.car, Self-Driving.car, Driverless.car, and the branded GoogleSelfDriving.car.

Of course, we know that Google is working on robot-driven cars. But what do you make of this one:

X.car /.cars/.auto

Is it possible Google’s car will be the Google X? Or the X car? Or maybe it will sell its software as X? (It’s worth noting that Tesla’s new SUV is called the Model X.)

It’s a peculiar registration.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, X is also a “brand” for Google. They also have registered other domains with X.TLD, so this points to a potential brand registration motivation.


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  1. Cars says

    The world’s first self driving car company, and they name it Waymo. Please allow me to write your pitch:
    Driving is now way mo convenient.
    Way mo safer.
    Waymo. Better.

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