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Expired Domain Report – NamesCon edition

Here’s what you might have missed in the expired domain market.

Last week, much of the domain industry’s attention converged at NamesCon, including a live auction arranged by NameJet + RightOfTheDot. (Quite a successful auction, I might add.) Yet for all that buzz, in the background business went on as usual. After all, domainers don’t stop paying attention to valuable expired domains simply because registrars have a few new features to unveil! Here’s what sold at NameJet during that period: January 8 -14.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
BlueSquare.com 5756 NJ HSNC.com 4195 NJ
5755555.com 3519 NJ IsItDown.com 3000 NJ
Contract.org 2500 NJ TouBai.com 2420 NJ
Scabs.com 2300 NJ JHRR.com 2150 NJ
TFKW.com 2100 NJ SPLK.com 2098 NJ
KFMJ.com 2050 NJ PaoJia.com 2033 NJ

Upgrades – that’s why BlueSquare.com was worth $5.8k to bidders and IsItDown.com claimed $3.0k. “Blue Square” websites cover topics as disparate as merchant paymentsBritish football news / betting, IT in Africa, Utah student housing, branded lanyards & “lolliclocks”, even the exciting world of drains & debris removal. And that’s not even a full list.

Most people would be surprised by how many websites exist simply as tools to tell us whether other websites are functioning. Although IsItDownRightNow.com ranks first in Google, the domain is long enough to be a liability. Similarly named sites are nipping at its heels: DownRightNow.com, IsItDown.co.uk, Is-It-Down.com, etc. Any of them might want to bring a competitor down.

HSNC.com ($4.2k) may not be destined for China, since its buyer is Brazilian and the top result online is the Hindu Society of North Carolina. Plus, the amount itself is well above China’s current floor price, suggesting some other motivation for the purchase. 5 “CHIPs” sold in a narrow $2010 – $2150 band, which is a lower range than last time. $3.5k isn’t bad for a 7-digit numerical domain, though.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
SGXP.com 2010 NJ 9MR.com 1750 NJ
Rafia.com 1736 NJ DogSnacks.com 1700 NJ
Sexys.com 1700 NJ ProfitSystem.com 1650 NJ
Louse.com 1602 NJ DigitalDomains.com 1447 NJ
Steff.com 1437 NJ Circle.net 1211 NJ
Falso.com 1121 NJ OceanaLaw.com 1110 NJ
PopChart.com 1015 NJ RJY.org 1015 NJ
TaxPortal.com 955 NJ KidConnection.com 916 NJ
LittleVillage.com 911 NJ LanHeng.com 840 NJ

Some Steffanies go by Steff.com ($1.4k) among friends. Or should the plural be spelled “Stephanys” as with Sexys.com ($1.7k)? Rafia.com ($1.7k) may be either a Pakistani woman’s name or a misspelling of a Madagascar palm tree – raffia – whose fibers are widely used in textiles.

After Andrew Allemann wrote a few days ago that a lice removal clinic had gone on a 1600-domain buying spree, I assumed that same idea was behind Louse.com ($1.6k), the singular of “lice”. Falso.com ($1.1k) – that’s Spanish for “true”. As a matter of fact, the buyer of Louse.com is Chinese; so we may be looking at Pinyin.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
WebTrips.com 812 NJ ECPG.com 805 NJ
ParrotHouse.com 800 NJ HKSI.com 798 NJ
Espirito.com 787 NJ Piddle.com 764 NJ
Mutually.com 741 NJ Jumelle.com 740 NJ
TripleNet.com 715 NJ SweetBakery.com 712 NJ
EOVO.com 710 NJ Responsive
701 NJ
GreenPipe.com 695 NJ Eliska.com 635 NJ
AdoptionPros.com 605 NJ Photogs.com 600 NJ
773232.com 599 NJ ECUK.com 590 NJ
FlowPath.com 570 NJ Mountain
569 NJ
NaturalHealth.org 560 NJ 776161.com 559 NJ

Jumelle.com ($740) is French for “twin” and also “binoculars”. But to continue this article’s theme of confusing plural / singular relationships, the word is really “binocular”; for “binoculars” would be “jumelles”, wouldn’t it.

Espirito.com ($787) is Portuguese for “spirit” and would be used in a Christian context to designate the “Holy Ghost”. Now how to segue from the Trinity … to Piddle.com ($764)? That’s either the act of urination or a small Dorset river. I can’t think of a FlowPath.com ($570).

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
TooBig.com 540 NJ BroadLight.com 529 NJ
ETCD.com 520 NJ EsmerTec.com 511 NJ
Titoville.com 510 NJ ATNCentral.com 501 NJ
776262.com 499 NJ Special
486 NJ
Dalam.com 442 NJ GBOF.com 430 NJ
EcoTour.org 430 NJ UPPZ.com 419 NJ
416 NJ 5359888.com 416 NJ
NZAE.com 414 NJ GAAP.org 409 NJ
RPUM.com 402 NJ Pohrani.com 401 NJ
Turrones.com 380 NJ OLZC.com 360 NJ
OCAIW.com 360 NJ FUZL.com 360 NJ
FastDial.com 355 NJ BostonsBest
350 NJ

Apparently, Turrones.com ($380) are a Christmas dessert similar to nougat or marzipan. Esmertec.com ($511) may have perished in a merger. Titoville.com ($510) is, of course, a commune whose ecstatic residents devote themselves night and day to the rhythms del maestro Tito Puente:


Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
339119.com 350 NJ YYHA.com 345 NJ
FZK.biz 341 NJ HOJB.com 340 NJ
ArtWomen.org 335 NJ XOPM.com 332 NJ
EZHW.com 330 NJ KWWU.com 330 NJ
DentalBurs.com 325 NJ OKVK.com 320 NJ
QENM.com 319 NJ Sub-Studio.com 315 NJ
LASalon.com 313 NJ JoltMedia.com 310 NJ
310 NJ FANI.net 300 NJ
TheSentry.com 295 NJ DWFF.net 292 NJ
290 NJ PerlMonk.org 285 NJ
WARC.net 281 NJ PBNC.net 277 NJ
HSBM.net 271 NJ XRBQ.net 271 NJ
BGJY.net 270 NJ WNWC.net 270 NJ

LewisAndClark200.org ($290) may not mean as much to non-U.S. readers as to Americans. So I’d better explain. During his presidency, Thomas Jefferson purchased the middle third of what we now know as the United States from France. Immediately thereafter, he sent a pair of explorers – Lewis and Clark – to go map the terrain and find a nonexistent coast-to-coast shipping route. The 200th anniversary of their expedition (marked by this domain) would have been 12 years ago.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
XZCL.net 270 NJ CYGN.net 269 NJ
PMNR.net 266 NJ 821123.com 260 NJ
260 NJ BBWG.net 260 NJ
Enako.com 260 NJ CMKK.net 258 NJ
244 NJ 119338.com 234 NJ
Daeken.com 230 NJ LuckyStart.com 230 NJ
Muskadia.com 225 NJ NativeFish.org 220 NJ
5350888.com 210 NJ DataRadio.com 202 NJ

CheapAndEasy.com ($244) is a stock phrase thrown around for simple dinner ideas … among other things. Daeken.com ($230) may be Dutch for “roofs”, but it’s also the nickname of a programmer named Cody Brocious who has his own Wikipedia page. Meanwhile, Enako.com ($260) is a Japanese woman’s name.

Much as I admire Contract.org ($2.5k) and Circle.net ($1.2k), my favorite not-COM domain this week – without a doubt – is NCSSSMST.org. For sheer lucidity, this elegant 8-letter acronym is unsurpassed. It’s instantly recognizable as the “National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology”. Utterly unforgettable!

But to truly appreciate the beauty of this domain name, it must be spoken aloud: “Ncsssmst.org”. Sounds like glassware shattering. Or a burglar who has stubbed his toe, biting his tongue, hissing and stuttering fragments of whispered profanity.

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