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What domain names Time Inc. and others bought at the end of the year

Time Inc. bought a sports domain name and Sears might start a site at Wash.in.

Sedo turned in $2 million worth of domain name sales during the last two weeks of the year, a fairly high number of the holiday period. I think it was helped by a couple big sales, because $2 million is high for a transaction volume of just 648 domains.

Some large companies bought domains, including Time and (I believe) Sears.

Here’s a look at these end user domain name sales from the past week:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Wash.in $15,000 – my guess is Sears is the buyer. It was registered by Sears’ Director of E-Commerce. It’s possible it’s for an outside project, though.

LottoResults.co.za $5,0000 – UK company Jackpot Gaming Ltd.

Hadwins.co.uk GBP 2,000 – Hadwins Capital Ltd, a financial markets trading software company that uses the domain name HadForex.co.uk.

CBRewards.com $3,295 – Bit9 + Carbon Black is a security firm. CB obviously stands for the second part of its name.

anıtur.com (IDN) $3,000 – The domain name was purchased by the owner of Aniture.com.tr and now forwards to that travel site.

Payworks.com $5,000 – Payworks GmbH, which provides a white lable card reader solution for point of sale companies, made a nice upgrade from its PayworksMobile.com domain name.

SportsCon.com $5,500 – Time Inc., publisher of Sports Illustrated.

PerfectPortal.com $6,000 and LawyersBank.com $5,000 – LEAP Legal Software. As its name implies, it creates software for law firms.

DannyChong.com $2,395 – A guy named Danny Chong wanted more than DannyChong.me.

Bkam.com $3,900 – Bkam FZ-LLC offers a price comparison app for Egypt.

HoneyMagic.com $2,095 – the owner of BulkHerbStore.com. My guess is he will introduce a honey product or book.

Need.me $25,000 – I’m not sure what San Francisco company Fast & Fun, LLC plans to do with this domain.

IMSLearning.com $2,595 – Institute for Management Studies, a management training company.

SigBrands.com $2,499 – Horizon Beverage is a liquor distributor in the Northeast.

Polarizer.com EUR 2,500 – American Polarizers provides solutions for polarization (think windshields).

BeWellatWork.com $2,495 – Employee benefits company Workplace Options, Inc

DECService.com $2,795 – DEC IMPIANTI S.p.A. supplies industrial emission control systems.

EnergyTalker.com $2,500 – publicly traded energy company ENGIE group

LegalClick.com $2,495 – Legal Click, LLC is launching a legal service.

Continental.org $2,888 – Continental AG, maker of tires and other automotive products.

ViewPoint.com.au $2,000 – ViewPoint construction software.

FDP.org $9,888 – Food Service Design Professionals in Texas.

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  1. Steve says

    LegalClick.com would have been a great name for that Company that held a contest, and decided to rebrand from Congo.

    Also I prefer it to LegalBooth.com — not a bad name, but one that presents a legal minefield with the TM owners of LawBooth and thelawbooth.com company/site

    I also prefer “Legal” to “Law” — just my preference.

    As far as SportsCon.com — congrats to the seller. I used to work in branding. Rule # – never name a product or site that has the “con” in it, unless your client is “Prisons, Inc.” or Ex-Prisoners, a non-profit.

  2. United we stand! says

    I’ve always wanted to know how these names were sold on sedo. Was it a buy it now listing that the buyers navigated to the landing page of the domain and bought it or was it promoted through one of sedo’s channels (great domains, 7 day auction, etc). This info will be very helpful. Thanks.

    • Brian Kann says

      I stand with ‘United we stand’… I would also like to know this answer. These sales prices are certainly interesting and, I suppose valuable in valuing domains, but I think the information remains incomplete to those it impacts unless we also know exactly how they sold them. Thank you, ‘United we stand’.

      • Louise says

        At least you know of the approximately $2 million in sales, 56% were BIN. That tells you something.

  3. Jane Libson says

    Time is buying companies hoping to salvage its value. Look into the portfolio and you’ll find Time paying $100mil for companies earning 2 mil profit.


  4. Don Edmands says

    If these companies had wanted real domains they should have contacted me….many of these names are weak at best and the lot is worth about 900 dollars a piece…would not touch a one of them…compare any of these to DubaiDeals.com…rest is junk sorry folks.

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