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.Club sells $1.6 million in premium domains in one month

In one month, Chinese buyers more than double .Club’s premium sales to date.

Boom! .Club sold over $1.6 million in premium domain names last month alone, more than it had sold in entirety since its launch.

The registry has China to thank. The company sold a seven-figure package to a Chinese domain name investor, including 1.club, 6.club and 9.club. .Club sold 246 domain names in package deals during the month, including some keyword names as well as N, NN, NNN, L and LL names.

It also held successful auctions at EachNic and Sedo. As first disclosed on the Domain Name Wire Podcast, C.club sold after the EachNic auction closed. .Club pocketed $50,000 from that domain sale.

It appears .Club’s efforts in China are paying off. What’s particularly amazing is that people in China can’t even use .Club domain names yet. Perhaps investors know that approval for usage is imminent.

For more on what .Club is doing in China, listen to this podcast.

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  1. Steve says

    “What’s particularly amazing is that people in China can’t even use .Club domain names yet. ”
    .com, cn, cc approved and accepted. Club hopefully will get approved but what if they don’t??

    Nothing is for sure anymore except the implosion of the money markets. Printing money out of thin air has to come home to roost eventually. That time may be close.
    Put your play money into cash, domains, btc and bullets. :0

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