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What domain names eBay, Mastercard and 22 others bought this week

Big brands among domain name buyers at Sedo this past week.

Sedo had another strong week for domain name sales with a whopping 1,080 transactions for at total of $1.5 million.

Many of these sales were, once again, short letter and numeric domain names sold to people in China.

But this column focuses on end users. You’ll read about the domain name eBay paid just $780 for, why a credit union forked out $25,000 for a long domain name, and 22 other end user domain name purchases.

Here’s a look at end user domain name sales from the past week on Sedo:

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

ExpectTheUnexpected.com $25,000 – Kinecta Federal Credit Union just applied for a trademark for Expect the Unexpected.

Sponsor.me $10,000 – Buyer Sponsor.no appears to be a crowdfunding site for athletes.

Hites.com $20,000 – Furniture and electronics retailer Empresas Hites S.A. uses the domain name Hites.cl.

Sherlock.io €2,999 – a Mark Monitor client purchased this domain name. It doesn’t resolve yet.

Bematrix.com.au $2,985 – beMatrix Australia Pty Ltd, a maker of exhibit booths and displays that already owns Bematrix.com.

Upholstery.co.uk £2,888 – Jones & Jones Furniture Ltd in the UK

WLgroup.co.uk £1,775 – Waddington & Ledger Group Ltd is a marketing and print company that uses the domain name WLprint.co.uk.

VintageInns.co.uk £1,749 – Mitchells & Butlers Leisure Retail Limited operates a number of restaurants and pubs, including Vintage Inn. It forwards this domain name to VintageInn.co.uk (singular).

Priceless.fr $1,000 – Mastercard bought the French ccTLD for its Priceless trademark.

Palm.info €12,500 – Palm Packaging Group, which (obviously) makes packaging materials.

SnapFlash.com $1,299 – Coming soon: “Shoot and Chat Together”.

TheTennisClub.net $750 – Investment group Golf Realty Fund. It doesn’t own the matching .com domain name.

CentaurHoldings.com $2,595 – Centaur Holdings is an investment group.

Dcard.org €2,600 – I’m not sure what Dcard Holdings does, because its existing domain name Dcard.cc doesn’t resolve. Dcard.com is owned by Disney.

MMdeals.com $2,395 – You know Money Mailer, the company that sends coupon packets to you via snail mail? That’s the buyer.

Decornel.com $950 – Publicly traded chemicals company Sasol. Decornel is its brand name for synthetic wax beads.

LoveandWater.com €899 – Love and Water Photography LLC in Hawaii.

Kijiji.org $780 – eBay bought this for its classified sites.

CapitalMatch.net $998 – Australian firm CapitalMatch connects investors to businesses. It owns CapitalMatch.com.au but not CapitalMatch.com.

URTSolutions.com $2,595 – Electronics recycling firm Universal Recycling Technologies uses the domain name URTrecycles.com.

FindARehab.com $750 – Find Recovery Solutions LLC is launching a marketplace to find rehabilitation facilities.

StudioType.com $977 – Jeremy Tankard Typography Ltd currently uses the domain name typography.net.

EssexPiano.com $877 – One of Steinway Musical Instruments’ pisno brands is Essex.

MyWorkWear.com $999 – Portwest, manufacturer of protective safety clothing and safety footwear.

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  1. Joseph Peterson says

    Sponsor.no … Who wants to hear “No” when seeking a sponsor? Hopefully, they’ll ditch that domain apart from the domestic Norwegian audience. Sponsor.me is infinitely better.

    Much as I like the slogan “Expect the Unexpected”, when it comes to banking, do we really want to be surprised by our account balance or shocked by unanticipated fees? Not the industry I expected. Hope the tagline never becomes a bad joke for them …

  2. Maggie says

    Hope that Jones & Jones in the UK know that they bought a typo domain with Upholstry.co.uk….. It should be “upholstery”.

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