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This new top level domain name costs $30,000 per year to register

$30,000 a year for a domain name registration?

SpreadbettingWe’ve seen some sky-high prices for domain name registrations in new top level domain names. .Rich for about $2,500 a year comes to mind.

But that’s nothing compared to the price for .Spreadbetting.

IG subsidiary Boston Ivy wanted to keep this domain name for its own use. But ICANN cracked down on “single registrant generics”, and the company was forced to offer .spreadbetting domain names to its competitors.

There’s a bit of a loophole in the single registrant rules, however. Registrars can charge whatever they want for new domain name registrations, and they can set a sky-high price for registrations to effectively restrict a domain name to its own company.

.Spreadbetting went into general availability last week. 101Domain is charging a whopping $30,000 standard registration fee, which I believe is the most expensive yet for registrations under a new TLD.

Another loophole in the single-registrant rules are restrictions. In order to register one of these domain names, you must be licensed in the UK or Ireland.

There are seven domain names in the zone file, and they’re all registered to IG companies. It’s possible someone else registered a domain name, but there’s a 30 day process for validation.

IG also wants to contain the market for .CFD domain names, which 101Domain is charging $22,750 per year for. CFDs are derivatives contracts; it stands for Contract For Difference.

Not all of IG’s domain names have staggering registration fees and restrictions. Boston Ivy launched two more domain names today, .broker and .forex. Registrars I checked are asking $600-$750 for .broker domains and $1,100-$1,500 for .broker domain names. That’s expensive, but not unheard of.

Other Boston Ivy domains, such as .Markets, can be registered for under $100.

(If you’re familiar with the company IG, it might be because it spent $4.7 million to acquire IG.com.)

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  1. Joseph Peterson says

    I’m surprised 101Domain even found it worthwhile to enter this TLD in their database. Then again, I suppose completeness is a virtue.

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