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Expired Domain Report: Three Cheers for China!

Once again, China dominates expired domain name buying.

And the Chinese feeding frenzy continues. Those who hype have cranked their hype knobs up to 11 in order to take advantage of the moment. Strike while the iron is hot! Oh, but this market demand is real nevertheless. Domains will probably never be more liquid than these China-favored categories are today; and prices (for now at least) are consistently high … possibly still climbing.

12 of the top 20 expired domain auctions at NameJet and SnapNames last week can be credited to China, leaving just 8 English-language domains (40%) for the West. If that isn’t evidence enough, just look at the 5-digit numerical .COM sold by SnapNames for $26k! As for the 6-digit item, $4.1k isn’t as high as last month’s pair; but it’s still not bad for a domain nobody on planet earth cared to register at all until 3 years ago.

Indeed, this phenomenon is quite young. Whatever may ultimately transpire, the surge in China’s appetite for domains has been prolonged and steady. I’ve covered it for over a year. When June popped China’s stock-market bubble, the Chinese domain market didn’t even acknowledge that disaster as a speed bump. Instead, buyers accelerated as Chinese money, fleeing the catastrophe, looked to domains (rightly or wrongly) as a safe haven.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
InsuranceHealth.com 29900 NJ 77787.com 26055 SN
STime.com 4532 NJ 666635.com 4103 NJ
KLB.net 2319 NJ VPorno.com 2100 NJ
OKE.net 2100 NJ MLR.net 2040 NJ
BJKP.com 1818 NJ JewishCulture.org 1800 NJ
DNAPolicy.org 1710 NJ HG5918.com 1659 SN
CBNK.com 1619 NJ N2I.com 1522 NJ
CBKK.com 1505 NJ CCSX.com 1450 SN
AutoSeek.com 1445 NJ LearnLink.com 1408 NJ

But the #1 sale wasn’t Chinese. Veteran domainers will remember a time before Google algorithm updates when backward phrases commanded more traffic than they do today. A phrase like “insurance health” matches the search queries we tend to enter. First we look up “insurance”; then we add another term as an afterthought to qualify and refine the results.

In general, EMDs (exact-match domains) are no longer the shortcut to ranking success they once were – even if they can still be an important factor if reinforced by other quality signals. Consequently, the market value of most backward, query-like domains has taken a nose dive. That didn’t affect InsuranceHealth.com ($29.9k), however. Why not? Possibly because the name actually functions as an attractive “brandable”. Certainly the niche itself is immensely lucrative. Also, I did suspect that the domain might have once been a developed website, chock-full of back links; but that seems to be untrue. What do you think?

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
DGFQ.com 1317 NJ DirectVideo.com 1309 NJ
DXLD.com 1300 NJ 669388.com 1250 SN
KNYB.com 1230 NJ FDJM.com 1219 SN
OAM.net 1200 SN Efraim.com 1150 NJ
WNHJ.com 1130 NJ TimBurton
1105 SN
7078888.com 1020 SN EnlargePenis.com 1015 NJ
HelpSpy.com 998 NJ DataVisualizer.com 995 NJ
YearOfTheBat.org 901 SN KJ22222.com 855 SN
828 NJ YAI.net 810 NJ
KJ8877.com 796 SN SantasLandNC.com 794 SN
Prezzie.com 765 NJ e-Land.com 725 NJ
MusicStore.net 701 NJ AlaskaRentals.com 701 NJ

Americans may not recognize Prezzie.com ($765), but it’s English slang for a “present”. One of the many words that colonized only Great Britain’s later colonies – South Africa, for instance. Efraim.com ($1150) is a Biblical man’s name, more commonly spelled “Ephraim” but rare in any case. It’s also the name of 1 of the 12 tribes of Israel.

.NET placed 3 LLLs in the $2.0k – $2.3k range, plus another pair at roughly half that amount. (Its LLLLs are down around $139, which is where 4-letter .COMs would sell last year if you were lucky!) You’ll also notice a couple of 2-word .NETs: MusicStore.net ($701) and DesignBum.net ($594). But my favorite .NET buy in these charts is Madame.net ($430).

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
1356888.com 700 SN FloWrite.com 671 NJ
2068888.com 670 NJ SuperBuddy.com 641 NJ
615 NJ OAMS.com 615 NJ
DesignBum.net 594 SN ScionCorp.com 591 NJ
JS6661.com 581 SN CycleSales.com 563 NJ
CorporateRun.com 561 NJ VaporJuice.com 560 NJ
ThePinchJournal.com 526 SN JS8599.com 526 SN
Novem.org 525 SN 21CT.org 510 NJ
510 NJ IEZO.com 510 NJ
8687999.com 500 NJ RKimball.com 500 NJ

.ORG is doing quite well also. It ranked #10 and #11 with a pair of 2-word domains selling around $1.8k. A 4-worder, YearOfTheBat.org, fetched half as much ($901). You’ll see another 3 within the $510-$615 range. Personally, I think offering nuclear weapons free of charge is a bad idea.

Looking at the sales above, you could deduce – even if you hadn’t heard it a million times – that “8” is lucky and Chinese buyers love repetition. Although I do like FloWrite.com ($671) as a brand name, I can’t help wondering how many people will write “flow” with a “W” and flow right past some future website. Designyc.com worries me even more. We do write “flo” to be cute, but we’d never leave off the “N” from “design”.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
LiveHotel.com 477 SN SC-CC.com 466 SN
HCLA.org 460 SN Karcreat.com 459 NJ
GummyLump.com 454 NJ 520066.com 451 SN
AbbeyDale.com 450 SN Madame.net 430 NJ
RawCannabis.com 412 NJ BIUT.com 410 NJ
CoffeeScience.com 380 NJ JS0202.com 376 SN
ICAmericas.net 360 NJ DesigNYC.org [sic] 325 NJ
310 NJ RZEZ.com 305 NJ
PJ115.com 300 SN Mamnon.org 294 SN
289 NJ HowsYour
284 SN
PGXU.com 280 NJ XNXU.com 280 NJ
MZAE.com 280 NJ RZNA.com 280 NJ
RZEK.com 280 NJ LinkTEve.com 276 SN
WJWE.com 270 NJ CyclingLife.com 270 NJ

RawCannabis.com was a good buy at $412. Both CyclingLife.com ($270) and CoffeeScience.com ($380) deserve to be used. The name GummyLump.com ($454) surprised me. Sounds like chewy sticky candy, doesn’t it? Yet it seems to have been a baby toy store specializing in wooden blocks. Dates back 16 years.

HowsYourNews.com ($284) gives me an excuse to share this bit of stellar journalism. (There’s an even funnier clip here, but it might offend those who dislike jokes about grim topics.)

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
VST.org 265 NJ OurUniverse.com 260 NJ
SurvivorsINTL.org 260 NJ Panozzos.com 255 NJ
XUYC.com 252 NJ IYTX.com 252 NJ
243 NJ 8225555.com 240 SN
240 SN CEXZ.com 232 NJ
Retuers.com [sic] 232 SN NikonHS.org 225 NJ
DEYJ.com 221 NJ JACK.info 221 NJ
BalancedYoga.com 220 NJ IEConnections.com 211 NJ
RedIsWhite.com 210 SN 877806.com 209 SN
CoffeeGrowers.com 205 NJ EurasiaHealth.org 205 NJ
6Cloud.com 205 SN 998137.com 204 SN
661239.com 202 SN YQDE.com 197 SN

JardinesVerticales.com ($243) are vertical gardens in Spanish. An excellent buy. So was CoffeeGrowers.com ($205). All work and no play, but Jack.info ($221) isn’t such a dull boy. If Retuers.com ($232) looks like Reuters to you, then you’re not alone. I wonder what bidders meant by RedIsWhite.com ($210). Any ideas?

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
RayNews.net 195 SN YouTicket.com 194 SN
PleasantDental.com 186 SN AmericanFly.com 179 SN
175 NJ AttorneyAustin.com 170 NJ
WorldPlaces.com 170 NJ 4WebGames.com 170 SN
CineMafia.org 169 SN Love
169 SN
MNAPA.com 169 NJ SumoWrestler.com 166 NJ
eSpaceSD.com 165 NJ Protecting
162 SN
JS66222.com 161 SN KlyneEsopus
160 SN
Tepfer.com 160 SN XQIF.com 160 NJ
TexasFarmers.com 160 NJ VOQP.com 160 NJ
PosterDesigner.com 160 NJ BlackStar
155 SN
007388.com 154 SN Maddoc
152 NJ

SumoWrestler.com sold for about 1/10th the amount I expected. Lucky buyer! LoveInternational.com ($169) might end up either a charity or a dating site, depending on your reading of “love”. TexasFarmers.com ($160) is bound for development eventually. If I had to pin the tail on this donkey, I’d guess … farmers … in, um, Louisiana?

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
100kBluePrint.com 150 NJ 66666.co 149 NJ
148 NJ Silver-Modz.com 141 SN
ChilliClub.com [sic] 140 SN SalesAction.com 140 SN
RedCrossNNJ.org 140 NJ CDJX.net 139 NJ
131 SN WineByDesign.com 130 SN
PJ39999.com 130 SN DiveLight.com 130 SN
Reno.Travel 125 SN PaintWithMe.com 124 SN
BranchDavidian.com 122 NJ HebrewCollege.com 119 NJ
GNYC.net 114 SN 155835.com 114 SN
ScorePinellas.org 114 SN EuropeanSpirits.org 111 NJ
Neurofisiologia.org 111 NJ MetroBooks.com 110 NJ
591.club 110 SN ComeHear
110 SN
R999999.com 104 SN BJRRJ.com 104 SN
CosminTRG.com 101 SN Designers
100 SN
Nazaha.com 100 NJ

PaintWithMe.com ($124) would have been great for Bob Ross. HebrewCollege.com ($119) matches the existing .EDU. Transliteration can be very ambiguous. Arabic has 2 letters that could be represented by “Z”, another 2 for “A”, and another 2 for “H”. That means Nazaha.com ($100) can be interpreted in 2^3 = 8 different ways. As نزاهة, it means “virtue”, “purity”, “honesty”, “integrity”.

This just in: Someone has purchased OurUniverse.com in its entirety for $260. To quote another news reporter: “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.”

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    • Joseph Peterson says


      I hadn’t thought about that meaning. Good catch!

      What instrument(s) or style(s) are you into?

  1. Dayne says

    I’m going to say that Prezzie.com was bought mainly as a typo of Prezi.com. It gets significant traffic.

    • Joseph Peterson says


      You may be right. I wasn’t aware of that factor. Thanks for pointing it out.

      The interesting thing about auctions is that multiple meanings and buyer motivations will often compete against one another to establish the final price.

      A winning bidder might be see the domain 1 way, while the 2nd highest bidder (just $10 or $100 below him) might interpret the same domain another way. Meanwhile, early bidders who drew attention to the auction might have seen it in a third way. So it can be difficult to tell how much each rival interpretation contributes to the price. At best, we learn what the winner wanted the domain for.

  2. We stand with Paris! says

    Someone made a knee jerk (or as Drew would say, premature ejaculation) purchase of insurancehealth.com for estibot value. Well, it seems they realized their folly and have listed it back for sale on namejet. I predict the owner is not gonna get even half of what they paid for it. The search engines have moved on from the days when domains like this would be of some value. Good luck to whoever this was.

    • Joseph Peterson says

      Here’s the recent whois history for InsuranceHealth.com, covering the period of these 2 NameJet auctions:

      2015-09-18 to 2015-10-27
      Pending Renewal or Deletion

      NameJet auction ended 2015-10-24

      2015-10-28 to 2015-11-08

      2015-11-12 to 2015-11-14
      New Ventures Services Corp.

      Namejet Backorder Deadline 2015-11-20

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