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Expired Domain Report: Total Number Domination!

Numeric domains take the lead in this week’s Expired Domain Report.

A few days ago, while reviewing the month of September, I measured China’s contribution to high-end sales at NameJet. (Hint: It wasn’t small.) And in my previous weekly article, I discussed the ongoing appetite for 6-digit .COMs and other numerical domains that “traders are obsessed with” these days.

Well, folks, the market is gluttonous. This past week, between NameJet and SnapNames, numerics took up three out of the four top spots. There’s something for everybody among these expired domain auctions– an NNNN.com, an NNNNN.com, and an NNNNNN.com. Such variety!

What follows is disheartening. ESPNStar.com ($3.6k) you won’t be blamed for thinking looks ever so slightly like the mark of a sports broadcasting network. And then there’s as obvious a case of typo squatting as any IP attorney could wish for: CreidtKarma.com ($5.3k). No, Tumlbr.com ($1.4k) ain’t much of a riddle neither. Even Outloo.com ($776), while it might theoretically be about out houses, looks a bit un-ok … as if, I dunno, someone omitted a final letter maybe.

‘Tis the season for typos of famous online brands, apparently. Upcoming auctions at NameJet include YooTube.com, UYouTube.com, YauTube.com, YonTube.com, and wwwUTube.com – one and all, I trust, registered in good faith. Seriously, though, domain investors are tired of being lumped together with cyber squatters; yet here we are sharing 1 grisly tooth brush in these sales charts. Thanks, guys!

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
4976.com 12422 NJ LeShop.com 9020 NJ
98895.com 6100 NJ 633888.com 6050 SN
CreidtKarma.com [sic] 5350 SN ESPNStar.com 3625 NJ
Cook-Islands.com 3511 NJ KIAI.com 2550 NJ
HooHoo.com 2469 SN KuangXi.com 2100 NJ
VHF.org 2050 NJ 80707.com 2019 NJ
InvestGazeta.net 1851 SN VistaCare.com 1788 NJ
PetSure.com 1756 NJ LifeMasters.com 1700 NJ
NPGroup.com 1700 SN QMLT.com 1620 NJ
OpenCable.com 1605 NJ Chatterjee.com 1605 NJ

It’s not all numerics and squatting. You know that ferocious yell of 8-year-old martial artists as they break your ribs and throw you to the floor? It’s called a KIAI.com ($2.6k). LeShop.com, NameJet’s runner up at $9.0k, may go to “the leading Swiss online grocery store” or to a women’s clothing brand.

Chatterjee.com ($1.6k) is an Indian surname. InvestGazeta.net ($1.9k) was a Russian website dating back 15 years. The Cook Islands east of New Zealand give us a hyphenated domain sale that, at $3.5k, is unusually high for the wholesale market. And KuangXi.com ($2.1k) may refer to some beautiful waterfalls in Laos (also spelled “Kuang Si”).

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
WealthAdvice.com 1520 NJ HG3608.com 1432 NJ
Tumlbr.com [sic] 1415 NJ UltraWeb.com 1415 NJ
NYSI.com 1411 NJ HG3508.com 1409 NJ
SJREP.com 1400 NJ DBST.com 1319 NJ
50093.com 1319 NJ WBZY.com 1269 SN
FloridAttorney.com [sic] 1221 NJ GYHJ.com 1219 NJ
PJPL.com 1210 NJ MDRGF.org 1200 NJ
FWND.com 1177 NJ ProjectVision.com 1112 NJ
EasyResumes.com 1100 NJ WorldBurns
1100 NJ
276789.com 1058 NJ 5998888.com 1022 NJ
TurboSystems.com 1009 NJ EnergySearch.com 1009 NJ
EvoFitness.com 1000 NJ Smell.org 970 NJ

Want some free WealthAdvice.com ($1.5k)? Don’t flush your money down the drain on the likes of losangelestorage.com ($911) or floridattorney.com ($1.2k)! Spend a second counting those letters before you spend a grand. Domains like these sell over and over again, tossed around like hot potatoes. I already reported the 2014 sale of LosAngeleStorage.com. Now the 2015 sale. Don’t make me cover it again in 2016, please! And yet … FloridAttorney.com … What’s more florid than incomprehensible legalese?

Since we’re counting characters, you’ll notice the 7-digit numerical domain above passed $1.0k. With 4 consecutive “8”s, it did about as well as a seemingly arbitrary 6-digit numeric and even a 5-digit numeric beginning with “500”, which is a very round figure and (I should think) a useful mnemonic.

Rather than celebrate scalded skin, the WorldBurnsClub.com spent 15 years devoted to Scotland’s great poet. Here’s the poem that later gave Steinbeck his title, “Of Mice and Men”:

Smell.org ($970) is notable. With ProjectVision.com ($1.1k) that’s 2 senses covered.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
CysticAcne.com 941 NJ AHEB.com 935 NJ
QLBH.com 918 NJ LosAngele
Storage.com [sic]
911 NJ
Rajaram.com 910 NJ GYLO.com 898 NJ
SecurityScreen.com 871 NJ SavePaper.com 805 NJ
GoldenBike.com 801 NJ CalendarIX.com 801 SN
ImageZoom.com 798 NJ FLOA.com 783 NJ
MZO.com 780 NJ JavPorn.com 778 SN
Outloo.com [sic] 776 SN Varallo.com 760 NJ
Infodyn.com 730 NJ L1.org 720 NJ
709 NJ Mainstream-
700 NJ
PinkSalmon.com 697 NJ PrintWire.com 695 NJ
D8S.com 670 NJ DreamWings.com 659 NJ
999377.com 651 NJ 5F6.com 640 NJ
FXDirect.com 637 NJ GECP.com 627 NJ
607 NJ TestUs.com 602 NJ

CysticAcne.com ($941) doesn’t sound enjoyable, but the domain will make an intuitive reference site – perhaps featuring ImageZoom.com ($798) for high-definition zit viewing. TestUs.com was a real bargain at $602. It could mean medical tests, academic exams, or trying out some new product or service.

SavePaper.com ($805) sounds like a call to action that might be used to promote many a digital service. You’ve probably heard by now that some PinkSalmon.com ($697) is actually grey but treated with food coloring. Mainstream-Mag.com ($700) is the first of 4 magazine domains in these charts that are all bad enough for me to infer that their back-links must be superb. Varallo.com ($760) is a surname, perhaps deriving from this scenic town in Italy’s Piedmont.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
580 NJ Demoto.com 572 NJ
SunStudios.com 565 NJ KVEY.com 565 NJ
E2Y.com 565 NJ 300.club 551 SN
SagameDev.com 550 NJ GiantFish.com 545 NJ
33558888.com 539 NJ FNEM.com 527 NJ
Wadden.com 526 NJ DosCielos.com 510 NJ
ServiceMate.com 509 NJ AutoScale.com 503 NJ
SmileExpress.com 503 NJ EcoPC.com 500 NJ
8888393.com 495 SN iLeather.com 490 NJ
ActaCell.com 470 NJ 21943.com 469 SN
AssistiveTech.com 469 NJ Columbia
466 NJ
460 NJ 899969.com 450 NJ
P5T.com 441 NJ ChatLocal.com 432 NJ
On-Demand.com 425 NJ GroupC.net 425 SN
410 NJ CBDAlliance.org 406 SN

In the singular, SunStudios.com ($565) would be the birth place of Rock ‘n Roll – Memphis, Tennessee, where records were cut by the likes of Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Howlin’ Wolf, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and this nobody:

Also worth visiting in Memphis – between blues and catfish – is the BrooksMuseum.com ($125), an art museum.

AssistiveTech.com ($469) is a little gem – a category-defining phrase many buyers overlooked. ChatLocal.com ($432) has applications that are obvious enough. DosCielos.com ($510) is an elegant Barcelona rooftop restaurant. The name literally means “2 skies”. While they require a jacket of you, they don’t seem to require their own domain.

Here come more numerics. Between $450 and $539, you’ve got 1 each of 5, 6, 7, and 8-digit domains. In such a narrow price range, you can draw some useful conclusions about how much repetition in the sequence is necessary to compensate for how much length. Not to be missed is one lone numerical .CLUB, which sold for $551.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
131UU.com 404 SN DocPad.com 390 NJ
390 NJ CrackerBox.com 389 NJ
WCC2010.org 385 NJ BIRW.org 375 SN
BibleUFO.com 354 SN Debers.com 354 SN
StrengthForLife.com 350 SN NFYI.com 336 NJ
BBLGroup.com 330 NJ Radiology
322 NJ
DecoTrade.com 321 NJ UltraSuite.com 320 NJ
N0X.com 316 NJ W0Y.com 314 NJ
PlanSys.com 310 NJ UCTP.com 310 NJ
LockPay.com 305 SN IPOCAfrica.org 304 SN
302 SN TGVC.com 302 NJ
ChuckTheodore.com 301 NJ NSwap.info 301 SN

CrackerBox.com ($389) reminds me that I’ve got the munchies. It’s a bit like the southern-food restaurant chain, Cracker Barrel, although thankfully much nearer to hand. BibleUFO.com ($354) is puzzling, but I’m sure some domainer will enlighten me.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
CollegeID.com 300 NJ UsedCamera.com 294 NJ
CanadaTrips.com 289 NJ YJAY.com 287 NJ
Smudo.org 285 NJ PUDM.com 277 NJ
BacTech.com 275 SN Columbia
275 SN
VaporCigs.com 275 NJ IFJF.com 270 NJ
MosbyMuseum.org 260 NJ StartBuilding.com 255 NJ
ChristianCredit.com 254 SN Accident
252 NJ
LadyHeart.com 251 NJ AssAssault.com 250 NJ
MianPa.com 249 NJ PremiumPets.com 239 NJ
LifeOnFilm.com 232 NJ Phone
231 NJ
VibeWire.net 230 NJ Sagaso.com 229 NJ
SandCruiser.com 229 NJ SaintSeiya
224 SN
BauMix.com 221 SN CallServer.com 220 NJ
QTVN.com 220 NJ CosmoArt.com 212 SN
OremosJuntos.com 210 SN MUCJ.com 210 SN
Optima-Prec.com 210 NJ Household
209 NJ
AdvanceDRT.com 205 NJ Antirvirus.com [sic] 205 NJ
DetoxMassage.com 205 NJ 88766666.com 200 NJ
JewishWomen.org 200 NJ AndreBacard.com 200 NJ

StartBuilding.com ($255) – now that’s a slogan for domain portfolio owners to take to heart! VaporCigs.com ($275) have been a hot niche in recent years. CanadaTrips.com ($289) isn’t half bad for attracting American tourists. JewishWomen.org ($200) seems like a natural way to define an organization’s membership. In Spanish, OremosJuntos.com ($210) means “let’s pray together”.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
Yoga-magazine.net 197 SN Cluster2010.org 190 SN
995513.com 190 NJ News92FM.com 190 NJ
Howied.com 189 SN SpaceBoys.com 184 SN
Fabulara.com 181 NJ PowerToHeal.com 180 NJ
InTheLobby.net 179 NJ 666666
174 SN
172 SN HotelMetz.com 170 NJ
TRFMag.org 160 SN Gobius.com 160 SN
BackpackFarm.com 160 SN Furniture
160 NJ
SBMWeb.org 160 NJ CosmeticDoc.com 160 NJ
Vestium.com 159 NJ PartyJumper.com 159 NJ
HotPornBB.com 156 SN Ethnograph.com 154 SN
151 NJ JS0755.com 151 NJ
QEOB.com 151 NJ MaltaVillas.com 150 NJ

Past the 6-digit item at $190 … past the 8-digit string at $200 … and on to a 12-digit domain at $174! Where and when does it all stop? I once had a landlord named Howie who threw great parties; so I suppose I’ve been Howied.com ($189). The sale of MaltaVillas.com ($150) should come as no surprise, given how aggressively these “villa” domains have been collected in the past 2-3 years.

Domain End $ At Domain End $ At
HeatherWilson.com 150 SN Snapex.com 150 SN
149 NJ BedLet.com 144 SN
258882.com 140 SN Debt
140 SN
258881.com 140 SN Cambridge
140 SN
AutismInfo.com 140 NJ Rocabert.com 134 SN
134 SN AllMarijuana.com 129 NJ
125 SN Fukuoka-
125 SN
BrooksMuseum.com 125 SN SmallBizBee.com 124 SN
SPLC2013.net 124 SN Gerbeth.com 122 NJ
121 NJ DogGenetic
120 SN
ITOP-Portal.net 114 SN OnlineCasino
112 SN
FanParts.com 111 NJ LambDalit.org 110 NJ
Gydget.com 110 NJ Siatka.net 110 SN
110 SN CawInfo.org 110 NJ
109 NJ CreateAFree
104 SN
KapsCo.com 104 SN AUAA.org 100 NJ
UPS-AMC.org 100 NJ FoodJuicers.com 100 NJ
BeautyBites.com 100 NJ

At this point, I’ll just hand you over to a ChetBakerTribute.com ($121) and call it a day:

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