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Amazon.com foreshadows AWS re:Invent news with domain name registrations

What will Amazon reveal at AWS re:Invent this week? Here are some clues.

AWS ReinventAmazon.com registered 21 domain names yesterday that likely foreshadow product announcements at this week’s AWS re:Invent conference.

The company registered 5 internet of things domain names as it prepares to launch a cloud-based service for IOT this week: amazoninternetofthings.com, amazoniotplatform.com, awsinternetofthings.com, awsiotplatform.com, awsiotservice.com.

Here are some other domain name registrations that likely foreshadow service launches:

Autograph: amazonautograph.com, awsautograph.com

Quicksight: amazonquicksight.com, awsquicksight.com

Snowball: amazonsnowball.com, awssnowball.com

App Firewall: awsappfirewall.com, awswaf.com, awswebappfirewall.com

Goldbase: awsgoldbase.com, amazongoldbase.com

Other domain names just registered include amazoncatalyst.com, amazoninspector.com, awsmobilehub.com, awsspice.com and awsstoryboard.com.

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