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ICANN selects Panama for June 2016 meeting

Panama City selected for next summer’s meeting.

ICANN’s summer meeting next year will take place in Panama City, Panama. The decision was made during a board meeting earlier this week.

I think this meeting will draw a lot of domain name investors. Many already live in Panama (such as Andrew Rosener of Media Options) and many more run their businesses out of the country.

There are two ICANN meetings between now and the Panama meeting. The first takes place later this month in Dublin, Ireland, home to many domain name companies. (Between Ireland and Panama, there seems to be a tax haven theme to ICANN’s meeting locations.) Then in March, ICANN travels to Marrakech. The Marrakech meeting was supposed to take place this year but was moved due to the ebola scare.

After the Panama meeting, ICANN travels to San Juan, Puerto Rico for its fall 2016 meeting.

I’m not going to make it to the Dublin meeting this month, but I think I’ll make plans for Panama.

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