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Lead Gen and Domain Names with Braden Pollock – DNW Podcast #49

Can domainers make money with lead gen?

Domain Name Wire podcastIs there a scaleable way to monetize domain names with lead generation? Today’s guest, Braden Pollock, runs lead generation company Legal Brand Marketing. We’ll chat about monetizing domains with lead gen, as well as get Braden’s opinion on new top level domains (he’s invested in some) and the state of the domain name aftermarket.

Plus: a new Domain Dunce, .com winners and losers, not quite “emazing”, domain scams and congrats to .Online.

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  1. David Gruttadaurio

    Another great interview, Andrew. It’s always fascinating how other parlay their domains into a variety of businesses such as Braden. Thanks for sharing Braden!

  2. John

    Okay, right around 21:45 the guy talks about how much better it is to make $20 if someone fills out a form vs. pennies on a PPC click. However, when Dicker was talking about this on Sherpa years ago, it was more like around $700 for a lead. He may have mentioned he had been able to negotiate higher than normal lead prices with some. So let’s say now that perhaps more normal qualified lead pricing for lawyers is really in the $300 to $500 dollar range, just to really guess here, $20 is still a paltry revenue share.

    If anyone wants to try to “disabuse” me of my conjectural figures, go ahead, but the interview with Dicker from years ago really happened, and unless the Sherpa guy has taken it down it should still be reviewable online.

    • Andrew Allemann

      John, I’ll let Braden discuss how much leads sell for because he’s involved with it day-to-day.

      I can say this based on my limited experience with lead gen: the price paid for lead has to do with quality and exclusivity.

      On the quality side, if the lead ticks certain boxes it will be worth more. If the lead gen company has to do verification, they have to build that cost into it.

      On the exclusivity side, the end buyer will pay more for an exclusive one that one sent to 5 people.

      Keep in mind that the lead gen aggregator has to have significant infrastructure to pay for.

      • Braden

        Where do I begin?

        With all due respect to Adam (he’s a buddy of mine), he was simply providing an example. He’s not in the legal leadgen biz.

        Asking how much a lead is worth is like asking how much a house is worth. What kind of house and where? The median home price in the US is $189k. The median home price in Beverly Hills is $3.3mil.

        There are many types of legal verticals, all with different values, not to mention varying quality. In addition the geo has a major effect on value. A mass tort lead (which requires far more research and lead nurturing) has far more value than am immigration lead. I lead in Los Angeles has more value than in Kentucky. Add to that two different markets; wholesale and retail (not unlike domain sales)

        The average legal lead (across all verticals) on the WHOLESALE market is ~$20. The average mass tort lead on the retail market is closer to $700 (and as much as $3k). This is what Adam was referring to. Mass tort takes a lot of work and there’s not nearly the volume as there is in other (easier) verticals.

        I hope this clears things up.

        • John

          Well thanks for the input. Unless I’m mistaken to my recollection Adam Dicker had only mentioned that the leads at that price were for lawyers without going into the distinctions you’ve addressed.

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