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Here comes .Sex

Trademark holders can now claim domain names ending in .sex.

Dot SexICM Registry has started the sunrise for its latest adult-themed domain name, .sex. .Sex joins .xxx, .adult and .porn in the company’s stable of top level domain names.

As with .adult and .porn, there will be a unique Sunrise B and Domain Matching period.

The traditional sunrise is now underway and will end October 1. During this period, brand holders must have a mark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse in order to claim a corresponding .sex domain name.

The combined Sunrise B/Domain Matching phase will run October 5 through October 30. During this phase, companies that paid to block a .xxx domain during the .xxx sunrise B blocking program can claim a domain. Also, anyone who owns a .xxx domain name can register the corresponding .sex domain name. Companies can register an .xxx domain during September and still qualify for domain matching.

General availability starts November 4.

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  1. Mike

    I personally think that .SEX is much better than .XXX
    Other two: .PORN and .ADULT are longer and not that nice

    Is it just me who likes .SEX the most ?

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