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50 End User Domain Name Sales up to $500,000

Here are recent domain name purchases by end users.

During the past week, Sedo reported 550 public domain transactions, totaling around $1.6 million. At an even $500k, Give.com receives the laurels. Notably, a domain industry veteran was the buyer and will be the end user. Other high sales included KBeauty.com ($55k) and WolfSpeed.com ($70.2k).

Below I’ve gathered 50+ domain purchases where an end user could be identified. A minority of these are domains that sold during the preceding week but which have only now emerged from escrow. They’re in alphabetical order.

Actuariat.com (€1999) – Optimind Winter is a French actuarial and risk-management firm – un “leader de l’actuariat conseil et de la gestion des risques en France”. They purchased a term that defines their industry.

Audax.ch (€999) –Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Audax Consulting SA seems to have gone without a website during the interval between their 2013 incorporation and this purchase over 2 years later.

AutoMile.de (€4500) – is advertised as a “fleet management solution for the 21st century”. The company already operates a Swedish website on .SE and an English version on .COM. Understandably, they wish to address the German economy on its own terms.

BePilates.com ($800) – was purchased by BeaconPilates.com, a Pilates studio in Beacon, New York. Perhaps they’re expanding beyond the local area.

Bicom.at (€999) – shortens the name of Austrian bioresonance therapy site Bioresonanz-Bicom.at. The notion, I take it, is that diseases are to be diagnosed and/or treated by attending to electromagnetic waves emanating from the body.

City.Church ($1999) – is a tremendous improvement over BRCC.net, whose logo clearly shows their brand name as “City Church“. This way we’re not expected to remember their Bandera Road campus as part of a .NET acronym.

Cluse.com ($1899) – simplifies CluseWatches.com.

Co-opInsurance.co.uk (£1750) – was purchased by Co-operative Brands Ltd, which seems to run a website at Co-operative.coop. Its “insurance” tab links to Co-operativeInsurance.co.uk.

CWServices.com ($3900) – I’m not sure what “CW” will stand for. Perhaps “clean water”, since waste water is one of the many sectors in which UGL specializes. As home-page domains go, UGLLimited.com is pretty ugly. Any domain that can distract us from that wart is a good idea!

Data-Recovery.nl (€1500) – drops the redundant “Germany” from Datenrettung-Germany.de. As you might expect, “Datenrettung” = “data recovery”. Curiously, they’ve gone with English rather than German or Dutch for the Netherlands … and kept the hyphen.

DegreeJobs.com ($2100) – will list “nursing, medical and law jobs organized by state”. I can’t tell whether this is a rebrand or a new project.

Deine-Chemie.de (€990) + DeineChemie.de (€990) – were both picked up by KNSK, a German creative agency. It’s unclear which client will use “your chemistry” to brand an upcoming project, but Women’s Health / Men’s Health are not out of the question.

Depanneur.com (€990) – is a Brooklyn cafe and store. It seems they had been using an inferior version: DepanneurBKLYN.com.

EventShuttle.de (€1050) – JomoTours.de, which offers trip packages within various European cities, bought this domain.

Give.com ($500,000) – Brent Oxley, the founder of HostGator, spent a half million to brand his future charity, as reported by Elliot Silver.

GoldPreis.com (€9490) – Strangely, this website for gold prices displays GoldBoerse.com in its logo, yet the latter domain isn’t even developed.

HandballTV.com ($2795) – Handball must be gaining popularity for the Norwegian website ToppHandball.no to make this purchase.

HuberAutoGroup.com ($777) – went to the folks at RosnerAuto.com.

Hubwagen.info (€990) – means “pallet truck”, which is one of the principal products manufactured by the buyer, HanseLifter.de. Interesting that they chose .INFO.

HVLV.com.au ($1482) – looks to have been purchased by HVLV Solutions, an Australian company offering “high & low voltage distribution systems & equipment”. They already own the .COM.

ID4U.com (€1500) – may now belong to Macrogen, a Korean genomics company.

IndiaFlavors.com ($1450) – may eventually replace their .US domain, but for now it merely redirects to the original URL of this Michigan restaurant. They seem to be part of a state-wide Indian network called MIIndia.com.

InfoPOS.com ($1100) – describes itself as “a true omni-channel retail solution”. The buyer was InfoCentral, which had also been offering its POS software via InfoCentral.com.au. No, they don’t own that particular .COM.

KBeauty.com ($55,000) – Keeping up with the Kardashians would be more alien to me than any extraterrestrial invasion ever could be. However, investing in a brand makes sense; and celebrities are nothing if not walking, talking brands. To present any brand in the most flattering light takes money.

Lenti.net ($1400) – has become part of the LuckyStar network. The word “lenti” is Italian for “lenses” and also means “glasses”.

MetCon.com ($10,000) – is short for “metabolic conditioning”. The term even served to name a line of Nike shoes! But in this case the buyer seems to be Matt Reynolds, a “pro strongman, elite powerlifter, gym owner, strength coach”.

Mobile-Forensics.com (€899) – Elcomsoft bought this domain. They offer wireless security audits and password recovery.

MonticelloRealty.com ($850) – is now the property of Monticello Lands, a real estate company for Monticello, New York.

MyFreeCams.com.au ($2500) – This one’s already developed as an adult webcam site. The buyer seems to focus on Australia.

Nicobar.in ($3500) – Someone at GoodEarth.in, a luxury retail website centered in Mumbai, has purchased this domain, which corresponds to the Nicobar Islands, 1300 km off the subcontinent’s tip.

OneOffices.com ($1295) – While I speculate that this domain is meant for a downtown suite of offices being advertised at OneOffices.com.br, all I really know is that the present owner is a Brazilian IT company called Dualtec.

OrganaBrands.com ($849) – The cannabis company behind OrganaLabs.com and OpenVape.com has enlarged its domain portfolio.

PetCool.com ($1799) – As near as I can tell, the buyer is Gardner Distributing Co., which is deeply involved in pet products.

Piri.net ($888) – This Turkish site has gone from PiriMedya.co to PiriMedya.com to Piri.net. At this point, I haven’t researched what they do; but I’m guessing “Medya” = “Media”, a suffix often attached initially only to be shed later.

PLCCenters.com ($1819) – Effectively, PLCCenter.com bought the letter “S”.

Prakash.in ($750) – is a cleaner web address than Prakash-India.com. For domestic marketing, it’s certainly preferable.

RWE.International (€1000) – RWE is “one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies”. With RWE.com already under their belt, it’s arguable whether they need a .INTERNATIONAL. Superfluous or not, they bought it.

SeaMiles.com ($3888) – Riffing on airline “sky miles” programs perhaps, SailingHolidays.com purchased this domain name.

Sitzhocker.com (€893) – Literally “seat stool”, you can now order this cubical product through the domain they just purchased.

Smania.cn ($1999) – If you’re posh enough to discuss “home couture”, then Smania.it may be for you … or you for Smania.it! Their elegant furniture incites lust not only in Italian but in English at Smania.com. Soon enough, their website will be appointed in luxurious Mandarin Chinese.

Stampix.com (€1950) – abbreviates StampixPostcards.com, a Belgian service for sending your own photos to friends and family.

StopTheHurt.org ($950) – has been acquired by HCWC.org, which stands for the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center. Given their motto – “serving victims of abuse” – it’s easy to imagine how they might leverage this domain for a marketing campaign. Can’t very well do that with HCWC.org.

SWRestoration.com ($787) – offers a shortcut for SweetWaterRestoration.com. They’re already using @SWRestore.com email addresses.

Top-AG.de (€990) – Top Vermögensverwaltung AG already had a website at Top-Invest.de. (“Vermögensverwaltung” means “asset management”.) However, this new domain might be an improvement, since AG is a familiar corporate abbreviation.

TrainingHeroes.com ($2395) – was acquired by the company behind a German nutrition / weight loss program, CoachAndMedia.de.

TuckerCompany.com ($977) – seems to be brand protection for a freight company. Even though their website is found at the shorter domain TuckerCo.com, they still advertise the name “Tucker Company Worldwide”; so this would have been cause for concern.

USABat.com ($4800) – is now owned by USABaseball.com.

WorldYouthDay.org ($1000) – forwards to a Catholic website built on .COM. Even so, .ORG is a good branding choice for such themes. By the way, the next World Youth Day will, in fact, be 6 days during July 2016 and occur in Kraków, Poland.

X-Control.com ($950) – went to the German IT company, XControl.de.

ZhaoTang.com (€1249) – Whatever Zhao Tang may mean, this domain is currently all about trading sugar.

To view last week’s article in this series, click here. Previous end user reports are also available. And in case you’d like to try selling domains via Sedo, check out this handy report by Andrew Allemann.

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  1. Sridhar Raj says

    Prakash.IN at $750 was purchased by Prakash Group Of Industries established in 1960 and currently redirects to http://www.prakash-india.com/ They also own PrakashIndia.com

    Nicobar.IN at USD 3500 was purchased by GoodEarth.in owners – part of the Eicher Motors group. Guess what Andaman.IN is reserved and inactive – another NIC owned name. Sounds like a risky buy to me. Now what they do with this domain as a brand could be interesting.

    • Joseph Peterson says

      Those Andaman Islands have an astonishing history. Few people know that Africans migrated that far – a place where poaching moderns can still be killed in 2006 under a hail of arrows.

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