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NameJet Expired Domain Report

Joseph Peterson’s weekly review of expired domain name sales at NameJet.

Supply and demand do yield predictable results in the domain market, as with other markets. DataTrack.com was NameJet’s top expired sale last week at $8.9k. And was that price achieved because the brand name has a nice ring to it? Yes, in part. Was it because tracking data is crucial for our information age? Yes, that too. Was it because naming pressure will lead someone some day to inevitably choose this name? Yes, I’d say so.

But apart from the domain’s intrinsic or speculative value, it’s simply a case of 1 lady being fought over by multiple suitors. At least 5 “Data Track” websites might all want to be the DataTrack – DataTrackPLC.com, PSLDataTrack.com, DataTrackPI.com, DataTrack.co.uk, DTrack.com (known as the Data Track Group), not to mention several DataTrack branded products featured within other websites. What all of them might desire only 1 of them can possess.

WestCom.com ($3.1k) may serve to rebrand the 32-year-old California property management company found at WestComMGMT.com. Then again, she may go elsewhere. Chinese domain sales, which have competed to dominate our charts week after week, have been less prominent this week and last. Even JUJE.com ($2.3k), which looks like it could be Chinese pinyin, was purchased by a Korean buyer. Yet by the 8th highest sale, 813333.com ($1.6k), there is no doubt whatsoever that China is still at it.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
DataTrack.com 8877 WestCom.com 3099
Chemicon.com 2321 JUJE.com 2266
Rebid.com 2105 GrandStone.com 1767
BuildingTools.com 1601 813333.com 1575
Think360.com 1519 Hadler.com 1410
PRM.net 1333 EdenBridge.com 1200
YachtingNet.com 1109 HealthRisk.com 1103
CostumesGalore.com 1101 MicroGraph.com 1060
Oakvale.com 945 CentralPark.net 830
PrintBiz.com 830 PetSurgery.com 820
805 OurArea.com 799
ThemeIt.com 797 MNDI.com 720
YOLM.com 691 19558.com 691
PlanetWork.com 660 SuperTrooper.com 640
711333.com 620 272555.com 619
DYT.cc 610 Vocat.com 565
ABCorp.com 552 MassageLotion.com 525
GoWire.com 511 ZapID.com 486
460 MKKF.com 452
HMAmbassador.com 451 BBQNYC.com 451
Wattz.com 445 Olavo.com 437
Nunchakus.com 425 PBQD.com 405
400 CMPZ.com 390
Antarctic.net 389 Cabbage.net 380
365 iPlugin.com 351
Flintwood.com 347 PSAH.com 341
BZQS.com 340 SilverPines.com 311
PixelMagazine.com 310 ScienceOnline
SenChou.com 270 XGWK.com 269
BabySamples.com 242 210555.com 241
Tuanha.com 221 PayrollNow.com 219
WhiskeyCafe.com 212 Envelopment.com 209
208 SpiritualWater.com 199
898.info 191 45287.com 189
TeraNode.com 163 03249.com 161
74219.com 161 03246.com 160
Zlango.com 160 84506.com 159
TheLightSide.com 159 ALongStory.com 150
208222.com 150 08694.com 149
GameApparel.com 141 SchoolNinja.com 141
Diopter.com 130 TeamApex.com 130
CableAssemblies.com 121 MZEB.com 119
HotelsNYC.org 115 EVLC.com 110
IFZL.com 110 1Jump.com 105
2GGJJ.com 101 TokyoTips.com 100
JobCommunity.com 99 SaffronNYC.com 80
PanHouse.com 80 JoanFRC.com 79
333605.com 79 9GGJJ.com 79
LPOZ.com 75 SearchEngine
1GGJJ.com 70 CDPD.org 70
CSIGOV.com 69 IntoMI.com 69

Capitalization frequently involves interpretive choice. Should Zapid.com ($486) rhyme with “rapid”, or does it identify with “ID” as ZapID.com? And with Rebid.com ($2.1k) are we looking at auction runoffs or a rebellious “Reb” ID? In the case of ChemIcon.com ($2.3k), I tend to think no iconography is involved. Instead Chemicon would be a chemistry conference, pronounced to sound like the famous comic book convention, Comicon. Surely that’s it. And yet … the Nippon Chemi-Con corporation at chemi-con.co.jp is not to be dismissed.

Think360.com ($1.5k) is the opposite of narrow-minded, short-sighted myopia. A Diopter.com ($130) is a unit of measurement in optics. But that’s ALongStory.com ($150). Hadler.com ($1.4k) is a surname, while EdenBridge.com seems to be an Austrian prog-rock band with 8 albums and a website built on .ORG. Weirder still, Oakvale.com ($945) may be a fictional town in an XBox game rather than an actual place.

When last I checked, CentralPark.net ($830) still exists in a real New York City. Speaking of which, soon New Yorkers may be able to sip mango lassis at SaffronNYC.com ($80) or gnaw ribs at BBQNYC.com ($451) … perhaps CryingWhileEating.com ($460). Readers unsure yet whether offspring really are your cup of tea might try BabySamples.com ($242), nibbling the odd finger or toe much like edamame.

The best geographical domain in this chart must surely be Antarctic.net ($389), which cost as little as a Cabbage.net ($380). TokyoTips.com ($100) being another strong geo. PetSurgery.com ($820) I’d consider enormously undervalued, since it’s a topic that defines many veterinary careers. Privileged pets let their vets fly with them on private jets.

If, rather than painting the Sistine Chapel, your Michelangelo twirls Nunchakus.com ($425), then you were probably a SchoolNinja.com ($141), a fellow turtle. To our generation, SuperTrooper.com ($640) means shenanigans – hiding animal noises in earlier DNW articles, for example. Try to say this aloud without sounding ridiculous: 1GGJJ.com ($70), 2GGJJ.com ($101), … 9GGJJ.com ($79). What hidden significance are we missing? Must be something.

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  1. KC says

    Surprisingly, Juje does not have much Chinese connection. Baidu does not reveal any business in China using this name. Both Juje.com.cn and Juje.cn are unresolved.

    According to Urbandictionary.com, Juje is “a person who does dumb ormean stuff for no good reason other than to be a jerk,that spoils other peoples fun or good mood.” In fact, wiktionary.org says this word comes from the English word “Tuesday.” How about that?

    Juje.net is a very simple news site and there is (?) a company selling handbags & accessories on JujeFashionHouse.com

    It looks like you spend a lot of time in preparing each report. Thanks for the hard work.

  2. KC says

    “1GGJJ.com ($70), 2GGJJ.com ($101), … 9GGJJ.com ($79). What hidden significance are we missing? Must be something.”

    1GGJJ rhymes with the Chinese expression 要干干净净 (need to be clean), and 2GGJJ is 爱干干净净 (love to be clean).

    Not sure about the 9 part. 9 rhymes with 久(a long while), 救(rescue),and 酒(wine). Let’s finish all the wine?

    • Joseph Peterson says

      That’s interesting and unexpected. Thanks, KC.

      (Unfortunately, I don’t receive notifications of comments as they’re posted; so I only just saw yours.)

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