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Another sign of the three letter .com domain name boom…

Sedo Great Domains mailer shows only three letter .com domain names.

DNJournal’s sales charts have been dominated by three letter domain names lately. The domain names are hot, and they’re very liquid. As an owner of a three letter .com, I get up to a half dozen emails on some days asking if it’s for sale. People have resorted to including a price in the subject line (most recently hitting $35,000).

Domain marketplaces are trying to capitalize on this as well, and this ensures that DNJournal’s sales charts will continue to have three letter domain sales on them in the future.

I just received an email from Sedo announcing the start of this month’s GreatDomains auction. Take a look at the highlighted domain names:


I don’t blame Sedo for including just three letter domains in the mailer. After all, many of these domains are going to sell. A whopping 33 of the 83 domain names in the auction are three characters or less.

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    • Ivan Rasskazov

      You can report the sales presuming you are not under a confidentiality agreement. Please let me know if you would like to do so.

      • Domainer Extraordinaire

        I don’t want to disrupt a resellers sales efforts if it turns out I sold to a reseller. This should be safe. I just sold YJ*.com for $105,101.00.

    • Mike

      Why? Because two-letter .com names cost low 7-figure and there is fair chance that in 5 years three-letter .com names will reach the same range.

  1. Dan G

    Amazing to see in your “Learn More…” links below that article relating to the poor performance of “poor quality” three letter domains back in 2009! I dare say any one of those in that old article would now be selling at a level that would have provided an outstanding compound return. Proves buying quality or scarcity and simply riding out the troughs can really pay!

  2. Acro

    The Chinese domain market has created a “bubble” that absorbs all XQYZ etc. “bad letters” like a giant blowfish.

    These domains are sold by typically “Western” investors at prices higher than anticipated for their letter quality. Then, they are traded ad nauseam on Chinese domain marketplaces among Chinese domainers.

    Once that market segment gets saturated, a price plateau will be reached. For the time being, if you have LLL .com domains IMO you’d be fool not to sell; it’s the highest point.

    Keep an eye out for an overall loss of performance in China along with non-zero interest rates by the Fed in September.

  3. Shane

    Like the stock market. If you keep yelling “peak” enough times you will eventually be right and then you can tell everyone you called it.

  4. thelegendaryjp

    Alright, all this goes to show is we are in 2005-2007 again, we are back but barely much better. How little we learn from history… there was a time before 2008 where any good LLL saw $25k-$35k easily and crap was crap. Only difference now is the crap sells for more because the buyers are literally stupid but again, history people. In due order the market will burst and you (Asians and stupid domainers) will be left with crappy LLL you paid 5 figures for. Enjoy that and stay blind to history. No sour grapes from me, got big money out of my LLL years ago then saw them drop, what goes up….

    • Graham Haynes

      in 2008 the bottom never got above 10,000usd as someone who watches the market for these very carefully. The bottom without vowel and V is now 25K, unless ofcourse you under sell. This time also the buyers have deeper pockets and can wait and hold, no panic selling at the first sign of a downturn as in 2008. Resistance will come at 50K, I dont buy they will be traded like 2 letters in 5 years, same as 4 LLLL.coms will not be trading at any where near 3 LLL.coms in 5 years. $100K retail for these is no barrier for a business, the kudos branding is worth at least that for most companies, even a small $3million turnover company its affordable and great investment.

      • Acro

        The “bottom without vowel and V” reference is admission the Chinese market dictates the current valuation of the specific “junk letter” LLL .com’s. The end user market is an entirely different beast.

        Andrew, I assume you get offers daily for your DNW .com correct? It’s a great 3 letter combo, unlike the average LLL .com being traded as bitcoin these days.

        PS Those that blindly push the entire gamut of LLL or LLLL .com domains regardless of use are like promoters of penny stock. Buy buy buy LOL

        • Graham Haynes

          ‘Admission’ why is it an admission, as if there is some denial that the Chinese market is dictating the level for these names. JUNK, junk to you being americian/english centric, doesn’t mean they are junk to the big outside world, of the shores of North America. Penny stocks, Do I smell a whiff of missed the boat. When so many major companies, use them and the first 100 names ever registered about a third was 3 letter.coms, hardly penny stocks, though I agree 4 letter.coms different story.

          • Acro

            The so-called Chinese market is pretty much resellers trading LLL .coms among themselves. It happened almost a decade ago with ‘premium’ letters. We aren’t talking about 360.com here.

            My last LLL .com sale was to a Canadian game app company, so not only I didn’t miss a boat, but at least have the satisfaction that I sold to an end-buyer.

            Right now, I’d love to see which ‘QZJ’ doesn’t get resold to Chinese domainers. Even Elequa is dumping dozens of ‘junk letter’ LLL .com’s knowing it’s smart to sell at the very peak of the market.

            But let’s recap in six months or a year from now, no need to cross swords.

        • Graham Haynes

          DNW.com great combo Andrew, XJZ.com junk Zhang, why is it such a leap of imagination that outside English, other letters are more popular. I cant imagine Zhang saying i,e,o,u, are Junk but domainers feel authoritative to say xyz is Junk

  5. Domainer Extraordinaire

    As 2 and 3 letter .coms find their way to end users the supply dwindles. The only way I see prices dropping is when .xyz becomes the next .com. 🙂

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