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.Club tops 200,000 domain name registrations

.Club domain marks big milestone.

.ClubThe .Club team is celebrating after crossing the 200,000 registration barrier less than a year after launch.

The numbers can be attributed to a good domain, low pricing, broad distribution and aggressive marketing.

Although officially #3 in the zone file rankings, I believe .Club is #2 in arms-length registrations, behind only .xyz.

GoDaddy, which featured .Club on its home page for several weeks after it launched, is the number one registrar for .Club. Customers have registered over 60,000 .Club domains at GoDaddy. eNom and GMO Internet both have 20,000+ .Club registrations.

.Club has raised about $10 million in funding so far, with its most recent round valuing the business at about $25 million.

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  1. Drake says

    About 10,000 of those names are reserves held by them with non activated ns.

    The real story will be how the deletions go, as traditionally this is more of a hobbyist type extension, and how they renew into their registration hysteria, along with some big first day portfolio type buys.

  2. ada says

    I have seen you Andrew on DomainSherpa you make an impression that you are afraid of saying anything that could hurt your colleague`s business
    Be more authentic and stop to calculate every word for its profit! People see that!

  3. John says

    How can it be considered #2 behind .xyz if .xyz gave away as many as they did for free? How many was that – nearly all .xyz’s? Or worse – wasn’t it really “domain slamming” beyond merely giving them away?

  4. Robbie says

    I think the business is broken, considering what they paid for .club ($5M?), and how much they have spent marketing ($4M?), and to only get to 200,000 registrations, and 5% of those are in house, and expect about 15,000 more to drop, and say a wholesale rate of $6 from the register not taking away any premiums sold they are not sitting all too pretty in their business model in regards to recouping investor dollars.

    When you spent $3M in marketing, you expect to at least realize more than your initial investment back, but I guess bubble investing, and real investing do not always go hand, in hand.

    Enjoy the money while you can.

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