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Google: Become mobile friendly, or else…

Google sends warnings to website owners.

Google has a message for you: it’s time to make your website mobile friendly or suffer the consequences.

The search giant has started sending notices out to Webmaster Tools users notifying them if their site doesn’t work well on mobile resolutions.

The emails warn that “These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”

In other words, if your site doesn’t work well on a smartphone, it won’t rank as well when people search Google on their smart phone.

Given the shift to mobile browsing, this is kind of a big deal for website owners.

Here’s an email I just received on another website I own:


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  1. Kellie says

    We spent a great deal of time working on how the Dotology.com site would look and work on mobile. I think we’re done a pretty good job, but there are a few things that I still want to work on. A very wise friend told me last year – build for mobile first and everything will work out. I’m seeing evidence of that sage advise all over the place now.

  2. Eris Patterson says

    I stopped worrying about Google page rank and what Google thinks about MY content and MY site long ago.and I still get the same 2000 or so unique page views per week.

  3. DR.DOMAIN says

    I get that the “now” of the internet is mobile devices…but gotta agree with Joseph Peterson: I’m not even gonna try to consume anything but the simplest quick-read data on a phone.Tablet maybe…if I ever buy one.

  4. Sam says

    Sorry, guys, but using a mobile phone is how more people are browsing your websites. Sorry you feel the need to hold strong onto your antiquated technology and methodology, but the new generation is moving in. As with all things in this world since the start of the Industrial Revolution, you either need to adapt or you will fail. More and more people are using small screens away from their laptops and tablets and they will avoid sites that don’t work for them.

  5. John says

    .tel websites work perfectly well on mobile devices and you can create a simple website yourself in a few minutes

      • Sam says

        Right, so you gotta give people a business card directing them to your business card… Well, at least it makes your email signature shorter…

        • John says

          Yes, I have a business card with myname.tel
          It is so much easier than a regular business card where there is not enough space to put all your contact details. Try to include on a regular business card your business phone number, home number, cell number, fax, email , skype, twitter, facebook, business address.
          Also .tel is great for building directories and redirecting to your main website.
          I would rather register for example lawyer.tel and redirect it to my not so good website like divorcelawyerfromboston.com or something similar than spend thousands of dollars trying to buy lawyer.com

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