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John Oliver’s five .NYC domain names making fun of Michael Bloomberg

Comedian pokes fun at Michael Bloomberg’s domain names, which Domain Name Wire revealed last week.

Last week I wrote a story about Michael Bloomberg’s 400 .nyc domain names. The over-the-top defensive registrations included everything from MichaelBloombergisaWeiner.nyc to MikeIsTooShort.nyc
to MikeBloombergisaDweeb.nyc.

The story got picked up broadly, making it to the Wall Street Journal and even CNBC’s Squawk Box. It also just got some hilarious play on John Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight. (Unfortunately, it didn’t mention Domain Name Wire.)

The John Oliver clip mentions several funny Bloomberg domain names the show registered and encouraged viewers to go register more.


I just reviewed the .NYC zone file and found a couple more domains Oliver registered, each of which links to a website containing just a photo.

Here are the three he mentioned on-air:

Here are two more I found registered to HBO that weren’t mentioned in the show, or at least in the clip:

In case you’re wondering, the last one weighs in at 57 characters (not including .nyc), making it the longest .nyc domain name currently registered. It narrowly defeats cheating-spouse-private-investigator-forensics-crimelab.nyc.

It looks like a few of Oliver’s viewers took his call to action, registering domains such as mikebloombergisaleprechaun.nyc.

(Thanks Michele)

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  1. Dk

    Fun stuff!

    When it is local, it is personal. The coverage of it by news last week has exceeded my wildest expectations, since from get go i expected media to play role in .nyc proliferation. But scale of it was truly shocking.
    Common, you cant complain that they didnt mention you, you got mentioned and linked to by at least 20 huge news sites. you cant expect rainbow on top of a unicorn.

  2. T

    Speaking of .nyc, while looking at new .nyc reg’s I see comedy central cheaped out and went theminorityreport.nyc, funny how a company who makes 100’s of million’s and parent company who makes billion’s cannot afford a dot com, especially for an international show. The old saying ” they don’t get it” comes to mind. Whoever is heading up The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore, listen up, buy theminorityreport.com then fire the person who told you that it wasn’t needed, nothing funny about stupidity.

  3. T

    Will it promote .nyc, sure but it will confuse everyone outside NY, dot com is king and for a global show should be owned, that much I am sure we can agree upon. Unless they plan on just NY satire which I doubt.

    • Dk

      I agree that .com is king, but .nyc is a black horse. Where is a lot of gtlds come in with no brand awareness other then generic meaning .red , .link, .horse .
      .Nyc has a global awareness and thats what it makes it a black horse. It is memorable and still generic, .nyc doesn’t just mean in new york city. It means brand, association with .nyc, made in NYC sort of way. I mean, we will see what happens, but i do not necessarily think its a bad move, and clearly program didn’t think so either. They will lose type ins, but thats that.

      • T

        ” They will lose type ins”.TheColbertReport.com and The DailyShow.com which based on people’s natural assumption receive 100’s several 100’s of thousands of hits a month, granted some links, yes. They do not get promoted at all both are based on people’s natural assumption. I bet they could advertise .nyc and still won’t match what the dot com would bring naturally or dollar for dollar. So now it is a matter of math, is the cost of purchasing a dot com for X make it worth it based on natural traffic? Let’s say TheMinorityReport.com see’s 10-20 million type in’s during that time (5+ years), less than half of what the other 2 are seeing so being conservative.What is one visitor worth 1 cent, likely more? Say even 1 cent that means the name is worth $100k-$200k and likely much more for just 5 years. Grand dad said to me son “do the math”.
        Some people get it, some don’t.

  4. delete tagged

    That is one incredibly arrogant man.

    He is so used to getting anything he wants because of his immense wealth, I’m sure he thinks God will do whatever he tells him too.

    He should read the scripture of a camel going through the eye of a needle before a rich man gets into heaven!

    Why has he hoarded nearly $30 billion for himself?

    Because his god is “money” it’s the love of his life!

    No man needs that kind of money, instead of using it to help the downtrodden he hoards it like a greedy little miser, Good Luck Bloomberg, YOU NEED IT!

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