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Minds + Machines nets $8.4 million from auctions, .Cloud and .Book settled

Company wins by losing five auctions.

New top level domain name company Minds + Machines has bolstered its bank account by $8.4 million as a result of losing five private auctions for new top level domain names. The losses included a handful of highly contested strings, such as .cloud and .book.

That’s not bad for a company that originally said it wouldn’t even participate in private auctions.

The company lost auctions for:

  • .book – 9 applicants were in this contention set, including Amazon and Google. Only Amazon and R.R. Bowker LLC haven’t withdrawn their applications; my money is on Amazon.com.
  • .cloud- There were 7 applicants, and the winner was ARUBA S.p.A., beating the likes of Google and Amazon
  • .dog – Donuts won this three way race with Google and Minds + Machines
  • .site- Radix won the five-way contention set
  • .style – Donuts won the five-way race
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  1. Ian says

    Looks like Amazon have got .book – it’ll be interesting to see any registration policy and if they enforce what they had written in their application.

    And if they do, I really don’t know how that’s supposed to be good for the Internet.

  2. mansour says

    Winning a UDRP comes at a cost, even if you win it with Reverse domain name hijacking. Considering the time spent to put together the documentation necessary to prove your case also the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend you.
    A trademark will devalue the domain name. Many people will shy away from buying it. The system is broken. It is time for WIPO and the USPTO t to change the policy to and consider rejecting a trademark if domain name is not owned by the applicant, and for ICANN to penalize those who abuse the policy should be paying the cost in $$$.

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