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Lawsuit filed to recover stolen three letter domain names

Suit alleges 35 domain names were stolen from a GoDaddy account.

Stolen domainsAcme Billing Company filed a federal lawsuit (pdf) in U.S. District Court this week to recover 14 stolen domain names, including 9 three letter domain names.

The suit alleges that an unknown person stole 35 domain names from Acme Billing Company’s GoDaddy account. The company became aware of the theft in early August and worked with GoDaddy to recover 21 of the domain names. It filed the suit in an effort to recover the other 14.

The suit claims violation of the Anticybersquatting Protection Act as well as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The latter was probably added in because it will be difficult to show trademark rights for the short domain names, especially since whois records show many of them were only recently acquired by Acme.

The lawsuit says the domain names are being shopped around for sale. Here are the domains at issue:

AIJ.com, FJD.com, HBU.com, HIE.com, IIW.com, PWP.com, SJS.com, XJN.com, XPE.com, GY.net, 4213.com, 7417.com, 7204.com and 8674.com.

David Weslow of Wiley Rein LLP is representing the plaintiff.

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