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Bad news for IDN.com investors

Verisign still negotiating with ICANN over .com transliteration domain names.

Owners of IDN.com domain names that are patiently waiting for .com transliterations are going to have to keep waiting.

In an SEC filing today, and on its investor conference call, Verisign said it has received an extension to the deadline for negotiating its contracts for these domains with ICANN. The new deadline is December 31.

The company would not disclose the specific terms of the contract that it is trying to negotiate.

I can imagine that, whatever the terms are, ICANN doesn’t want to do any favors for Verisign right now. ICANN and Verisign have been sparring significantly over the past couple years. It’s also unclear what leverage, if any, Verisign has for negotiating new TLD contracts.

Unfortunately, IDN.com owners are the ones caught in the middle.

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  1. JSL says

    A strong and sought after namespace is more desirable than a rushed, weaker one. In comparison, consider how PIR – in my opinion- mismanaged .орг.

  2. Moris says

    It really doesnt matter at all…

    In China the biggest market in the world… Verisign lost to the Chinese .com. They have a silly transliteration for .com and .net that mean nothing.

    In Russia – no one cares about them evident by .org in Russian.
    None of the other Cyrillic have been doing well at all, except .rf and that is still to be seen in the drops next year. The new gTLD’s in Cyrillic are getting no traction at all.

    In Israel–the market is dead…

  3. Moris says

    Actually idn.com in Chinese are garbage… All the rest of cctld’s and others of verisign and idn.idn of CNNIC are great but not yet for domain investors.. Right now the reseller market is garbage in all new gTLD’s….. For those who actually have brains-they would know that idns are actually much better than regular ASCII domains..

  4. DeVan (Деван) Dineen (@DineensThings) says

    Russian IDN’s will be great. After this is implemented it will time to educate the public about their availability. Also as smart phones and tablets come down in price and rule this earth everyone will have keyboards that represent their own language making the use a no brainer.

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