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Apple iOS 8 tip #10: selecting TLDs from the keyboard

Millions of iOS 8 users are being reminded about how to quickly insert .com using the iOS keyboard.

iPhone .com tipI made the switch from Android to iOS last week with the iPhone 6.

iOS 8 has a “tips” app that pushes a new usage tip to you every few days. It’s helpful for someone like me who’s learning a new operating system. Some things in iOS aren’t intuitive to those that haven’t used the operating system before.

Last night I received a push notification about shortcuts for typing .com and other “suffixes” directly from the keyboard. The tip, the 10th in the series, is pictured to the right.

You might recall that iPhones and iPads used to have a .com key. That was dropped in iOS 7, but there was still a shortcut to easily insert .com from the keyboard, and the same shortcut exists in iOS 8.

Essentially, if you hold the period button (.) for a second it inserts .com. When doing this, you can also slide over to select .us, .org, .edu or .net.

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  1. James D. says

    I wonder if a future o/s update will include the hundreds of new gtld’s? That would be quite a scroll on that little keyboard!

  2. Jeremy Leader says

    Note that this works when entering urls in the browser, but doesn’t typically work when entering text into other places (e.g. email addresses, urls typed into documents or emails, etc.).

  3. Nirav Dave says

    I didn’t know about the fact that you could hold the period button to insert other gtlds, thanks for sharing this info.


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