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New TLDs this week: Schilling launches .hiphop, Donuts charges your .creditcard

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry joins Donuts with new TLD releases this week.

Shortened holiday week be damned: new TLD operators are launching a bunch of domain names this week.

And by this week, I really mean this Wednesday. Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry and Donuts all get in on the action on September 3.


Uniregistry launches .hiphop, .audio and .juegos (games in Spanish) in general availability this week.

The company is sticking to its low price strategy. Both registrars I checked are offering .hiphop domains for $19.99; the other two are $12.99-$13.99.

Interestingly, GoDaddy is not supporting this week’s Uniregistry TLDs despite signing a registrar registry agreement a couple months ago.


Four Donuts domain names exit EAP this week and revert to regular pricing: .Gratis (free), .Claims, .Credit and .Creditcard.

“Regular” pricing isn’t cheap, though. You’ll need to increase the limit on your credit card to buy many .CreditCard domains. Each will set you back about $150-$200 per year.

.Digital, .accountants, .finance and .insure all enter EAP this Wednesday.

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