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.Club first new TLD to reach 100,000 paid registrations

Marketing efforts pay off as .Club crosses milestone.

.Club.Club sent out a press release this morning touting that it has now sold 100,000 domain name registrations — the first new TLD to reach this milestone.

.XYZ and .Berlin have more registrations, but most of their registrations were given away for free.

What was .club’s secret to getting to 100,000 registrations? Pick a good domain and then add money.

The company has certainly outspent all of its rivals on marketing.

It hired 50 Cent as a pitchman and then threw a big party in NYC.

Its team has traveled the globe going to club-related events.

It paid to be front and center on GoDaddy’s home page for several weeks.

The company has spent much more on marketing than it has taken in from registrations so far. That’s the business model, since domain name sellers are selling a subscription product. You have to look at the lifetime value of a registration, not one year.

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  1. Joseph Peterson says

    Waves push registrations up the beach,
    and waves drag non-renewals off the beach.

    But I think .CLUB has made it ashore.

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