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New TLDs this week: .Bio, .Haus and an expensive Donuts domain

StartingDot and Rightside join Donuts with new top level domain name releases this week.

Last week was a Donuts-only week for new TLDs. This week the mega-registry is joined by Rightside and StartingDot.

On Wednesday, Rightside will launch .haus. That’s German for “house”. Expect to pay anywhere from $25-$40 for .haus domains.

Also on Wednesday, four financial Donuts domain names exit EAP and revert to regular pricing:
.cash, .tax, .fund and .investments.

.Investments falls in a price category I’ve never seen before. GoDaddy is charging $129.99, which means the wholesale price for the domain is probably around $65. Previously I’ve only see GoDaddy charge as high as $69.99 for Donuts domains. (I’m checking to see if Donuts has offered other TLDs at this price.)

That’s how much you’ll pay for .tax and .fund. .Cash falls in what I’d previously call the middle price tier.

Donuts also starts early access for four domains this Wednesday: .furniture, .discount, .fitness and .schule (German for school).

StartingDot releases .bio in general availability this Thursday. StartingDot is pitching it with two meanings: either personal use (short for biography) or short for biodiversity, e.g. agriculture, biology, etc.

This is the second TLD StartingDot has released. It previously released restricted .Archi domain for architects. It will also be the registry for .ski.

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