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Sedo is #1 registrant of .Berlin domains

.Berlin’s second day of free domains is a lot slower, but German domain seller is a big boost to the TLD’s numbers.

.berlin.Berlin received a lot fewer registrations on the second day of its free domain giveaway. DomainIncite Pro reports 5,227 new registrations in the zone file, leaving .Berlin in second place behind .xyz.

An interesting tidbit has emerged: Sedo is now the number one registrant of .Berlin domain names.

According to stats collated by nTLDstats.com, Sedo’s domain portfolio company DomCollect is the top registrant with over 30,000 domain names.

It makes sense. Sedo, which is based in Germany, can register the domains for free for one year and list them for sale. It boosts its stats of for sale and parked domains and might make some money during the first free year. It’s like domain tasting for a full year and then deciding which ones you want to keep.

Even better, Sedo is part of United Internet. That includes a bunch of registrars like InternetX, 1&1, and United Domain. It didn’t have to go far to find a registrar that would give it unlimited free registrations…InternetX.

For those people interested in the free domains that don’t meet the nexus requirements, 101domain will let you register up to 100 using their local presence service.

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  1. Mike

    Since this seems an appropriate thread I hope you do not mind me posting this open question. I would like to publicly ask DomCollect/SEDO/1&1 on what basis they feel it lawful or ETHICAL to take over Registrant’s (through 1 & 1) .com domain name IMMEDIATELY it hits its last day of registration and put it into DomCollect AG’s name and auction it off at SEDO ?. No noticeable redemption or grace period having been given ,at all ?. Would be interested to know and please ask for any clarification you desire.

    • Bul

      Mike you are raising a question I have been struggling with. I had a collection at one of those companies of 250 domain names whose year registration reaches on xmas day. Well my thoughts where…I can get to it on the 25 or 26 no big deal since you know the usual go daddy and Melbourne IT or yahoo will send you a renewal notice and provide you a grace period. To my horror, all the good domains ended up at DomCollect or Sedo by the next day. About 140 infact. I called and they said they will open a ticket. Nothing ever got done. The final answer…always turn on automatic renewal. Horrific.

      • Mike

        Sorry to hear that.The only way that they will be taught a lesson is when someone takes a legal proceedings in Court with regard to their unethical practices.They give out a load of rubbish on the phone about how you will get 45 days to renew etc etc but in reality you get sweet F all. Why did you not sue them ?.

        • Bul

          You know I contemplated it but some 1and1 (Yes I have named them) said to me that the user agreement states that “if you don’t set automatic renew, you forfeit your rights to a grace period as you have indicated that you have no intention to renew the domain name” I moved everything left and canceled my account.

          • Mike

            @Bul ah ok I understand. So I guess the key boiled down question is , ” are 1&1 allowed to avoid a grace/redemption period by stating in their terms & conditions that unless auto renew is enabled you obviously do not intend to renew and therefore domain will auto transfer to DomCollect AG ” I would guess that may be against ICANN rules and/or an unfair contract term.

          • Mike

            @Andrew Thanks for that. Interesting and I guess 1&1 can just say that they sent RAE emails and he did not reply. Oh well the unfairness continues.

      • Mike

        and even with auto renew on im sure they would tell yo9u some bullshit excuse as to payment failing etc if they really wanted one of your best domains. What I am dismayed by is the total lack of interest of ICANN for decade or so.They have no interest whatsoever it seems.

        • Bul

          Yes that correct. But what if I just turned off auto renew inorder to have chance of screening which domains I want to keep and which ones I want to let go? (which is what I did)the very fact that I did not have a chance is what I think is wrong. The day registrars got into the the aftermarket is when the train got off the rails Mike. The registrars now think they deserve the profits domainers are making. ..which explains all the halfback and premium prices for even the shittiest gtlds. My thoughts

          • Mike

            @Bul I concur with what you say 100% .Of course it is human nature I guess,they see domainers making large amounts and want to do so themselves. The thing is though with 1&1 it all looks so underhand and slimy the way they operate. I just thank god I use a decent Registrar ,Fabulous.com

  2. Domo Sapiens

    A bigger issue in terms of conflict of interest arises when you compete (unknowingly) at SEDO auctions against Dumb-collect “the Haus” …

  3. Mike

    Apparently all 3 parties are connected, DomCollect/Andre Schneider, SEDO and 1&1 .What I would like to know is WHERE IS ICANN in all these abuses ?.

      • Mike

        Andrew ,please advise exactly what you mean by “that” . Ofcourse 3 connected companies is not wrong but I am not saying that. What I am saying is that there has been a practice, and I have a very recent example, of where a “Good” .com domain, registered at 1&1 reaches the last day of registration (not even into grace/redemption period, it is transferred to Andre Schneider at DomCollect AG and then put for sale at SEDO. What is ethical about that ?.

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