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Wow: .Hotel contention set resolved after CPE

.Hotel applicant wipes out competition by winning community status.

In what is sure to be a shocker to many new TLD applicants, HOTEL Top-Level Domain s.a.r.l has prevailed in its Community Priority Evaluation for the .hotel domain name. It was the only applicant to elect community status and has now won the contention set.

This means the other six applicants for .hotel, including Donuts, Minds + Machines, Famous Four and Radix, have lost their chance to run .hotel.

The decision is rather surprising. I thought none of the Community Priority Evaluations would score the necessary 14 out of 16 points required. .Hotel scored 15 points.

Four other CPE decisions were published today, and all four scored just 5 of 16 points. They were for corporate identifiers applied for by Dot Registry LLC, including .gmbh, .llc, .llp and .inc.

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  1. DNSal.es says

    And yet, a year and a half on, and none of .hotel is resolving as it has not been delegated? Any idea how long will it take ICANN to finalise the deal?

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