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By the Numbers: .XYZ, .Reviews lead this week’s new TLD launches

.XYZ clocks in at over 10,000 registrations and results from eight other new TLD launches.

I count nine new top level domain names that launched this week, as I previewed on Monday.

The top domain in terms of registrations was .xyz, although I’m not sure what the actual number of true registrations is. Technically there are 67,504 in the zone file…but most of these were given away free to Network Solutions customers who didn’t ask for them. Still, I believe .xyz has more than 10,000 “true” registrations.

.xyz launched on Monday. The other eight domains launched Wednesday. There was a problem with ICANN’s zone file system from Wednesday night through this morning, so there was no 6/5 zone file that would have covered the first day of these eight domains. Instead we have data after a day-and-change.

Here’s how they came out:

.Reviews 3465
.Properties 3205
.Social 2229
.Futbol 1324
.Condos 1268
.Jetzt 1113
.Tienda 913
.Maison 419

It’s worth noting all of these domains were priced 2-3x more than .xyz.

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    • Andrew Allemann says

      I can think of two reasons to register a .social domain name.

      1. You’re a social marketing company.

      2. You are a company and want to combine all of your social streams on one site. Not sure why you’d need a separate domain to do this. Some companies would register the domains to keep them out of the hands of others, though.

      OK, a third one: you operate ice cream socials.

      It’s not high on my list of domains. It could take off if they get a bunch of big companies to use it for their social presence, but that won’t happen overnight.

  1. Joseph Peterson says

    .Condos is lower on the totem pole than I’d have guessed. But otherwise the numbers above look about right. It’s easy to predict the present after the fact, though. Maybe I ought to sit down and write down my reg-volume predictions today in order to find out how wrong I’ll be tomorrow …

  2. Striker says

    From my perspective, “social” in .social should be viewed as a state-of-being…i.e. Social.

    This is a powerful tld that absolutely will be utilized by established companies and start-ups.

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