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This week in new TLDs: Ninjas and non-profits

A TLD.ninja’s overview of this week in new top level domain names.

.NinjaA handful of new top level domain names hit the market this week, and we’re not just talking about sprinkled donuts.

Today Public Interest Registry launches three internationalized domain name (IDN) versions of its popular .org domain name:

.орг Russian (Cyrillic)
.संगठन Hindi (Devanagari)
.机构 Simplified Chinese

The domains are priced around $15 retail, but registrar coverage is somewhat limited.

Today also marks the general availability launch of .wiki from Top Level Design. .Wiki domains will set you back about $30-$40 per year.

Rightside launches two domain names this week including .Ninja, which is sure to get some press. (Not just because of its awesome swag.) It will also release . immobilien (“property” in German).

You can register .ninja and .immobilien domain names starting Wednesday for about $20-$25.

Wednesday sees its usual sprinkled Donuts. Five vacation related domains revert to regular pricing: .Villas, .Flights, .Rentals, .Cruises and .Vacations.

Four others enter the more expensive Early Access Phase, including .Condos, .Properties, .Maison (“home” in French) and .tienda (“shop” in Spanish).

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  1. Joseph Peterson

    Just in case anybody is tempted to splurge on .TIENDA, keep in mind that idiomatic word order differs from language to language.

    In English, we’d say “Amazon Store”. But Spanish would have it “Tienda Amazon” — noun preceding adjective.

    That’s why you’ll see websites like TiendaPrado.com and TiendaLexmark.com rather than PradoTienda.com or LexmarkTienda.com.

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