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How many registrations can GoDaddy’s home page drive to a new TLD? Here’s the answer.

.Club picks up 2,500 registrations with prominent promotion on GoDaddy.com.

How many domain name registrations can GoDaddy generate by placing a TLD on top of its website for a day?

Here’s one case study.

All day yesterday (and still today) GoDaddy has featured .Club at the top of its website:


If you click the “Find your .club” button you’ll be taken to the .club overview page with a search box.

Comparing first day zone files with the second day, it appears GoDaddy generated close to 2,500 .club registrations on the second day. Obviously many of the registrations were due to the prominent placement.

I imagine GoDaddy could drive even more sales to a TLD more generic than .club using this level of promotion.

Obviously, this promotion didn’t come cheap to .club. But it might be worth it to drive early growth.

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  1. todd says

    If they were bought through Godaddy then chances are they were end user purchases. Correct? So I wonder how many thought they were buying a .com version of the name they registered and not a .club

  2. Robbie says

    I am sure many domainers were scanning thru lists, and still registering domains, Godaddy at $10.xx was the cheapest I saw, so would make sense to register there. The end user number is the key number, I guess it can be looked up, as to who was registering them. At $10 you really won’t think to hard about it, at $25-$30 you tend to hold back more.

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