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.Club lands among Top 10 new TLDs on first day

.Club is now one of the top ten new TLDs.

The .Club domain name is now among the top 10 most registered new TLDs after launching this morning.

The exact number of registrations (based on the zone file) won’t be available until tomorrow. It takes about 15,000 registrations to make the top ten as of today.

The company received 2,000 registrations combined from sunrise and a premium-priced landrush. 100 of the landrush domains are going to auction.

.Club CEO Colin Campbell and CMO Jeff Sass were on site at GoDaddy this morning when the domain went into generally availability (see photo).

“[After years of work] it was great to actually be here today when anyone can go get a .Club domain on a first come, first served basis,” Sass said.

GoDaddy VP and General Manager of Domains Mike McLaughlin credited a number of factors for the successful launch.

“.Club has made it really easy for us and the end customer,” said McLaughlin. “They’re at a mass market price point…There are no restrictions. Anyone can just pick up a domain and use it.”

Indeed, I suspect the approximately $15 registration fee and traditional registration model are keys to .Club landing in the top 10 from the start.

I personally picked up two .Club domain name this morning, making .club only the second TLD I’ve registered domains under.


Above: (left to right) .Club CMO Jeff Sass, GoDaddy VP Mike McLaughlin, .Club CEO Colin Campbell.

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  1. Robbie

    Yes, JZ was just going thru domaintools running some searches, and everything is listed for sale on sedo,

    An extreme amount of pre-registrations have been cancelled in the past 48 hours, as many of those domains were listed for sale, what happend to the rule registars were only allowed to reserve 100 domains for themselves? or is that a myth.

    I did some dummy tests, and some domains had 6 figure asking prices, the godaddy launch party seems like an audio video room with a banner, and a table with some costco strawberry short cake on it.

    I think you guys are a bit teased with .club, as it lacks the true commercial appeal most investors look for. If you want to start a stamp.club, you better sell your house first.

  2. David

    .Club is much significant for the end users, which means that the investors would see profits soon. – Monetize.club 🙂

    • EM @KING.NET

      I’ve checked some domains and all not available, but .Club whois not providing any information. They whois entries are still empty.

      Are all the premium generic names are listed at SEDO?

  3. David

    I notice that every new gTLDs which is available to be registered is facing oppositions from some guys. I guess that such guys have been missing too much.

    • Trent

      David, now you have your one domain, what are you going to do with monetize.club?

      Are you going to setup a site where guys come to park their domains and talk about it in a club or forum or zone etc…

      Or you going to park it and wait for am end user with a boatload of cash?

      • David


        Actually answering your questions is a complicated. I would say it’s necessary to use this domain name legally based on the relevant rules. I have capabilities to build an valuable website by this domain in order to make it monetized 🙂

        However, to make it more valuable in the market there are many right ways on that.

  4. Joseph Peterson

    .CLUB should do well. They’re priced right. The word fits well with social groups, social media, and commerce. And the word works in multiple languages — which most of the vanity extensions don’t.

    Today is also the day many of us got refunds from all those .CLUB preorders. 80-90% missed in my case.

    I wonder if the registry planned ahead to recapture that interest in .CLUB, but I somehow doubt they did. So the question I would have asked in the meeting if I’d been present is, “What percentage of those .CLUB preorder refunds can we recoup by means of other registrations?”

    • Robbie

      None, we are all to busy to be bothered to scan thru thousands of reserves to come up empty. Onto the next batch of gtld’s now, this round is done.

      • Joseph Peterson

        I think you’re right. With this nTLD rollout, domainers pay attention to whatever is new right now and quickly forget about yesterday and tomorrow.

        Still, it seems peculiar to me that the registries haven’t come up with a good strategy for followup. They’re throwing money away. Which is fine … Like you say, we have other opportunities. In the domain market, there are always too many opportunities.

        • Robbie


          Let’s be honest .club used extensive methods to flag anything of value, for direct retail sale. So I take it like a Pro Sports Draft they Took all the Round 1, and 2 picks, so we are on Round 3 and on… the likelyhood of any of these prospects every amounting to a all start is very limited.

          To be perfectly honest some of the best values today remain in the .com/.net/.org, the sparkling new stones are man made and do nothing but distract.

  5. James

    Funny, I tried to search for a .club domain on my Godaddy iphone app and it returned “The search string provided has invalid characters.” maybe I have to update the app.

  6. jane

    Picked up 3, missed 4 need to evaluate the list of 200 on the desktop to see what there is gone.

    • Joseph Peterson


      That data you’ve gathered is crucial. Investors ignore it at their peril.

      Registries ought to have looked at these numbers — sales (which you’re reporting), ongoing registration volumes, and a few other signals — before choosing which TLDs to apply for. Those considerations aren’t everything, but they would have tipped the scales against many of the new extensions.

      Some of the nTLDs have always surprised me due to the low preexisting market demand for the suffix. Particular registries seem to have “winged it” without much advance research. I won’t name names, but it’s pretty clear who’s who. I’ve been flabbergasted, though. Why did they choose to charge via the steepest uphill slopes?

      A technical question for DNPric.es … Did you parse the strings? If not, then Think.com, Blink.com, and KitchenSink.com will all be counted as “INK” sales. In fact, all “LINK” sales would be counted among “INK” sales. This would cause the numbers to be especially inaccurate for shorter strings, since they’re frequently found as subsets of longer words.

      Queries like this will tend to be inaccurate in non-uniform ways:

      count (*) from `sales`
      where `domain` like “%suffix.”

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