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Namecheap search “favorites” is cool. I’m still waiting for better new TLD search.

Namecheap’s interface is a nice upgrade for domain discovery. It could do better with TLD context, though.

Namecheap unveiled a new domain searching interface this morning. The highlight for me is the ability to pick favorite TLDs for future searches.

For example, I “hearted” .com, .zone, .guru and .in. When I search for domains in the future I can see results for these favorite extensions by clicking on the Favorites tab.


This is a nice upgrade as I no longer have to wade through dozens of top level domain options I don’t care about.

Search results are also divided into tabs other Favorites: Popular, New and International. This makes it easier to find the domain you’re looking for. Your favorites within each category will show up near the top, too.

I’ve been griping a lot about registrars not considering the keywords in a search when it comes to which TLDs to show. Unfortunately, Namecheap’s latest interface upgrades don’t make this easier. I would expect the above pictured search to show centex.lighting under the new TLD category. .Lighting isn’t given priority, however.

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