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3 new domain registries ask ICANN for two character domain names

.Wiki, .globo, and .ceo registries want to offer two character domain names.

Three new top level domain name registries have asked ICANN to allow them to register two character domain names under their TLDs. New TLD registries aren’t allowed to offer two character second level domain names per their agreements with ICANN, but I expect this to change in coming years. The requests are very different.

1. .Wiki applicant Top Level Design has asked for two character domains with the support of Wikimedia Foundation, the group behind Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation wants to register two letter second level domain names to forward to matching wikipedia.org domains, e.g. fr.wiki to redirect to fr.wikipedia.org and en.wiki to en.wikipedia.org.

2. Globo Comunicação e Participações S.A, brand applicant for .globo, wants to use second level domains that are two characters but not two letters (e.g. a1.globo). It seems that the company already uses third level domains this way, such as g1.globo.com. It wants to be able to use g1.globo.

3. The applicant behind .ceo, .best and .kred wants to offer two character domain names to the public. It models its plan on those of previous two character launches including .org. It wants to accept proposals from people that will develop the domain names, then auction off the rest.

This third model worked a bit when there was limited supply of gTLDs, but I don’t expect it to grab much attention these days. Maybe two character domains will help .ceo get to 1,000 domain names in the zone.

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  1. Domenclature.com

    What came to my mind after reading this story is how effective ICANN’s ban on two character domain names is.

    Why doesn’t ICANN ban the selling of registered trade marks, or infringing type of names? Why do they NOT prohibit Registries from selling those?

  2. Robbie

    I would think it is a profitable system of selling TM names, then having legal fees, and costs to freeze them. Everyone needs to get paid. Somewhere along the way ICANN became more about profit, and a lot less in regards to regulation.

  3. jasperdavis192

    It would be interesting to see what steps will ICANN will take now on these requests. For the current time, I am keeping a close eye on my host service provider Servage to see if it’s a good move for the web community or not, keeping my fingers crossed.

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