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Sedo domain names get kicked off GoDaddy on Monday

Domain sales partnership comes to an end next week.

GoDaddy AfternicLast November GoDaddy announced it was ending its syndication agreement with Sedo effective the end of March 2014. That date is just around the corner: Monday.

Domain names listed with SedoMLS will no longer show up on GoDaddy Auctions and, more importantly, in the registration path at GoDaddy.com.

The move comes in the wake of GoDaddy’s acquisition of rival domain marketplace Afternic last September. GoDaddy is encouraging customers to add their domain names to Afternic if they want continued exposure on GoDaddy’s sites.

It will be interesting to see what this does to sales numbers for both Afternic and Sedo. I understand that Sedo’s sales through GoDaddy are meaningful. So in the short run this move might hurt both GoDaddy’s and Sedo’s domain sales.

In the long run, of course, GoDaddy hopes the move will pay off by converting Sedo customers to Afternic.

There’s some good news for domain name sellers. The next step in GoDaddy’s integration of Afternic is to enable “fast transfer” for domains listed on Afternic. That should increase sales volume for domain owners that list their domains at Afternic’s premium level.

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  1. Acro

    The SedoMLS was a ‘lightbulb’ that created numerous issues for me and others, who want a better control of the venues where our domain portfolios are listed. It was impossible to opt out of and led to me leaving Sedo. Hopefully they will offer opt-in options (even opting out would be fine) in the future for me to reconsider.

  2. Robbie

    This is great news for all, this will make sedo a seperate identity again, no more $60 lowball offers all day long. We can freely list make an offer domains back on sedo, without the godaddy integration messing everything up. Will help them financially.

  3. Acro

    The problem was not just the lowball offers; it was more related to the fact that the listings were mandatory. If I wanted to list my domains in TDNAM, I would have already done so. Instead, Sedo first added all domains with a BIN to TDNAM as well. Then, for those of us that list domains with a ‘make an offer’ option, the straw that broke the camel’s back came with their inclusion at TDNAM as well. There was no option to move them out, and Sedo boldly stated they had every right to do so, because we agreed to their terms when signed up years earlier. It was a ballsy move that required an equally ballsy response. Thankfully, DNS launched at about the same time and initiated a mass exodus from Sedo.

  4. fizz

    I am looking forward to this as I had a number of deadbeat GoDaddy ‘buyers’ who you would have to wait for a whole month before discovering they weren’t going to go through with the deal with a domain at Sedo.

    Also not being able to push a GD offer to auction at Sedo was another negative.

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