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.Berlin scores 30,000+ registrations in good news for city TLDs

City domain name rockets out of the starting gate.

Dot BerlinThe .Berlin top level domain name has quickly racked up over 30,000 domain name registrations according to the latest published zone file.

A lot of domain industry insiders think .city domain names have some of the best potential among new TLDs, and .Berlin’s quick start is certainly a positive sign.

Perhaps encouraged by the success of Germany’s country code domain name .de, applicants applied for eight city and region names in Germany: .Cologne, .Bayern, .Berlin, .Hamburg, .Koeln, .Saarland, .ruhr and .nrw (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Although that’s a sign that German’s appreciate localized TLDs, it could also be that they already feel like they have a local TLD and won’t be as inclined to register (or at least use) a city domain. It will be interesting to see how much usage .Berlin domain names get.

German domain name registrar 1&1 registered the most .Berlin domains with over 10,000 registrations, according to new TLD tracking site NTLDstats.com. Prior to .Berlin 1&1 had registered about 15,000 domains, so this is a big boost. (1&1 sister registrars, including United Domains, have registered more.)

1&1 is giving a free year of .berlin registration to people in Germany and Austria.

A quick scan shows that about 1,500 of the domain names are internationalize domain names.

Two of the .city domain names I’m keeping an eye on are .nyc and .London.

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  1. Volker Greimann

    You forgot .saarland in your list of German regional TLDs. The Saarland is the smallest German non-city state with a population of about one million.

  2. John McCormac

    There’s a usage clause in the .BERLIN nexus rules that states that the domain must be put to use within 12 months. It should be interesting to see how that is enforced. What is different is the low count for sedoparking.com and the almost complete lack of Godaddy registrations. However it is following ccTLD patterns rather than gTLD patterns as it really is a quasi ccTLD.

    • confer

      “…and the almost complete lack of GoDaddy registrations”

      I checked the availability of a few (4) .berlin domains at GoDaddy this morning, and in each case, the search defaulted to a .com search. Out of curiosity, I entered ‘garbage’ searches (e.g. gdjdjfkfudhbf.berlin) to see what would happen. The same result – the search defaulted to .com, with no mention of .berlin (either being available or unavailable). Previously, this “default to .com” search result only happened when searching the availability of new gTLD’s that GoDaddy was NOT supporting/selling.

      So, perhaps the low GoDaddy registration numbers for .berlin has something to do with this?

      Did anyone experience a different outcome when searching for single .berlin domains at GoDaddy?

  3. John McCormac

    It doesn’t specifically state what the usage means but there is a mention about website content (if a website is set up on the site). It is in section 5.2 of the registration policy document. Measuring web usage is a very difficult thing to do well and the real statistics can be quite terrifying for registries. The website, if there is one, is supposed to be relevant to the registration details.

    “As the gTLD .BERLIN is a so-called “community based” gTLD, where the registration of domain names is subject to restrictions, a domain name must be put into use within 12 months of registration.

    If the registrant sets up a web site which can be reached via the registered domain name, the content of this site must have be directly related to the authorisation to register. “

  4. Philip

    What .Berlin seems to be demonstrating is the inherent demand for geographical that we’ll see across the board.

    Those registrys securing those domains should do very well indeed.

    As Andrew mentioned, it should be interesting to see the major pick up on .London & .NYC, both global brands in their own right.

  5. Ryan

    Isn’t this a subsidized model, reminds me of .info at 99 cents

    I don’t know how true these numbers can be when you offer a population of millions a free domain to register.

    • Philip

      The revenue figures were those quoted in the article. You’re more then welcome to check with Nic.at, the registry offering the .berlin domain.

  6. Philip

    The average cost of domains is between €30-€60 each. The .berlin registry took $1.5M in its first day!

    Some people might not like to hear that.

    • jZ

      where do you get this info from? we now know that a % of this number were given away free. the question is, what percentage represents the free domains?

    • Ryan

      That is a dummy retail number, the registry does not get 100% of the revenue, and the names that were given away for free, would essentially represent a loss. There is no true #, that dollar figure you came up with is essentially 30,000 registrations x $50… just bs

  7. Philip

    Pull your teeth in young man.

    The figure was obtained from Thedomain.com article. The discounted domains may result in a loss for the registrar initiating a marketing strategy to secure initial uptake through them with a view to recurring revenues thereafter.

    It doesnt necessarily equate to a loss for the registry wholl receive their fee irrespective.

  8. Snoopy

    Sounds like the truth is being stretched on Philip’s part. The only thing we know is the number regged and that some unknown % were free.

  9. Philip

    You’re more then welcome to check with Nic.at, the registry involved with .berlin. The figure quoted is that stated in the article with certain registrars offering a hook for discounted domains rather then any indication of the registry doing so. If that were the case, we could perhaps expect discounted domains from all the registrars dont you think?

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