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After winning UDRP, Denver Nuggets let DenverNuggets.com domain name expire

Denver’s NBA team fought hard for domain name but then dropped the ball.

Denver NuggetsAfter going through the effort to win the domain name DenverNuggets.com in a UDRP, the NBA team has failed to renew the domain name.

It now points to an expired domain parked page including ads for Denver Nuggets tickets. [Update: the Nuggets have renewed the domain name.]

The basketball team won a UDRP for the domain name in 2009, but the history of the domain name since then is a bit confusing.

Domain names won in a UDRP are transferred ten days after the decision. In this case the domain name still listed the respondent in Whois for several weeks after the decision.

The email address then changed to the one the NBA uses to manage domain names, but it was “spelled out” as internicadmin (at) nba dot com for over a year. That means the NBA wouldn’t receive notices from the registrar.

It change the name servers and physical mailing address to the NBA at the same time.

But the listed registrant remained the respondent in the UDRP until the time the domain name expired. The NBA also never transferred the domain name to the registrar it uses to manage its domain names.

It seems like sloppy domain name management led to the expiration.

The Denver Nuggets promote Nuggets.com as their web address, although I’m sure plenty of people type in DenverNuggets.com.

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  1. Ed says

    Geez, didn’t think it could get much worse for Denver. I bet they that they could renew their roster as well…

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