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15 domain names sell in .Club auction

Auction at Sedo closes with 15 domain names meeting their reserve.

DotClubThe .Club Winter Olympics-themed auction on Sedo has closed with 15 domain names selling.

Most of the domain names had reserves near the low end of their reserve ranges, putting them within reach of bidders.

The top sale was IceHockey.club for $2,000.

The two domains with reserves $5,000 and up didn’t get close to their reserves. Snowboarding.club closed at $1,000, below its $5k-$10k range. Skiing.club closed at $1,200, below its $10k-$25k range.

Here’s a complete list of the sales:

IceHockey.club $2,000
Skater.club $1,300
FigureSkating.club $1,150
Snowboard.club $1,100
Skate.club $1,000
IceSkating.club $670
AlpineSki.club $600
Sochi.club $500
AlpineSkiing.club $500
Skier.club $500
WinterSports.club $410
Bobsled.club $310
Bobsleigh.club $130
Xcountryskiing.club $109
XcountrySki.club $109

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  1. Domo Sapiens

    as expected, sad numbers and very little interest (I only saw up to bidder # 25….25 domainers worldwide yikes! )
    And they are sold when they get Paid…

    Flipping anyone?

  2. Ryan

    Ok, I checked 70% of these domains in .com, and they are all sitting parked, with majority having only .com registered. If .clubs were really hard up, .net is a great $10 extension for them to use.

    I have bought into new gtld’s but the more they continue on, the more I see what they are really about, basically cash reserves for registers, if the .com’s sit unregistered for all these years, where are the takers on these 4 figure sales, who now have to resell in the mid 4 figure levels to these poor clubs?

    Not beating up on gtld’s, but these are honest questions we need to ask ourselves?

  3. Monte Cahn

    I would not be so quick to bash this auction. Actually we think it did pretty well considering the following: every domain on the list received at least 1 bid, each name required a special form to be filled out and completed acknowledging that every name sold was to be allocated after Sunrise period is completed, none of the names were premium names, many names were variations of the same keyword using singulars, plurals, “ing,” hardly no marketing or time to market, depending completely on the hype of the Olympics which were marginal this year at best, etc.

    In summary, .Club accomplished a few things by doing this. They experimented with a themed auction with tight time frames and restrictions, tested ads in the Wallstreet Journal, sold 15 Land Rush and General Availability names that would have sold for $12 – $200 for premium prices. They basically had the best new TLD auction to date with decent publicity and learned what they can do better for the next auction. We give the a Bronze Medal for their efforts and results 😉

  4. Joseph Peterson

    As Sedo auctions go, I think .CLUB auction did alright. It produced some sales at about the level most of us expected.

    It’s a clear refutation, however, of the argument that these new extensions are needed to compensate for the lack of available .COMs.

    Even 8 hours after the auction was over — with its weeks of publicity — someone like me (who wasn’t paying attention) could come along and register 3 corresponding .COM domains that have been available for years. And at least that many remain unregistered, although I don’t consider the remainder to be good names either in .COM or .CLUB.

  5. Snoopy

    God help those who bidded on these auctions, what on earth were they thinking?

    As far as Monte Cahn’s comments,

    “We give the a Bronze Medal for their efforts and results”,

    From what I can see on Monte Cahn has been hired by .club to “manage its premium and founders program domains strategy”, in other words, sell domains, so no surprise on the praise there.

  6. Monte Cahn

    Well Snoopy we are in fact in charge of many of the super premium domains for .club, however, we were not a part of or had anything to do with this particular auction. With that said, I think my comments and perspective is pretty accurate given all the dynamics and circumstances that were in play here. None of the domains were premium names so, basically .club made 5-10X that would have been released in Landrush and General Availability.

    But even more, they did not expect to make anything from the auction. It was a test that they learned even more from which will benefit all involved, including those that were lucky enough to buy these domains.

  7. peter

    Ya these are good domains…I am going to buy ufc type domain I had seen ultimate fighter.club will be good or any other…please suggest me.

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