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Frank Schilling’s Toilet Paper test and 2 other tests for new TLDs

Three tests for new top level domain names.

Earlier this week, Frank Schilling introduced* one of Frank’s laws about new top level domain names:


By this rule, I find only a few of Frank’s own TLDs are truly generic.

It’s an interesting test for the generic nature of a top level domain. I’ve thought of a couple other “tests” that can be applied to new top level domain names in addition to Frank’s Toilet Paper Test.

The Douche Test

Would anyone other than a major douche register the domain names?

I’m looking at .ceo and .rich here.

The Domain Hack Order Test

We usually think of domain hacks as domains in which the first and second level combine to form a single word. With new TLDs, a hack can be two words, e.g. austin.ventures.

For this test, answer the question “can people create second level domains that aren’t out of order?” A handful of TLDs appear to be better if the TLD comes first and the second level domain came second. Most of these are action words.

Examples that fail the test include .buy, .like and .meet.

These are better starting a domain, not ending it.

Ones that pass include .forsale, .gallery, .guru, .ninja and .theater. These all finish off a web address nicely.

(* As an aside, Frank Schilling is tweeting a lot more lately. He’s not afraid to challenge people, even telling Richard Rosenblatt he thinks he’s placing the wrong bet on .ninja. Follow him.)

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  1. Acro says

    Guru actually can fail, depending on the keyword. “Photography.guru” is valid, but “Photographer.guru” isn’t; the proper order is guru photographer.

  2. Josh says

    I can’t wait to reg ToiletPaper.sexy. If TP isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

    I guess he realizes a large portion of his extensions aren’t truly generic, though.

  3. Thuggy Biggers says


    Good stuff, good stuff.

  4. Patrick Hipskind says

    If I were riding a bike on trails in the mountains I would probably want toilet paper with me, and a holder on the bike for toilet paper would be handy. So, I can see toiletpaper.bike as being a decent generic. However, if I were going out on a date I definitely wouldn’t want to talk about toilet paper. I don’t know if talking about toilet paper could ever be .sexy

  5. Dean says

    What do you all think of .equipment?

    I picked up:


    Input on values?

    • Bul says

      50 years maybe? When .equipment becomes the default protocol for AI equipment so equipment can communicate with each other as in the internet of things??? No it makes no sense and I dont know your rationale for the purchase or why anybody thought those gtlds make sense

  6. Jessenia says

    thebiggest douche is Frank Shilling nad the uniregistry team. I reserved about 20 domains and 10 of them got cancelled due to them accidentally selling me them? WTF UNIREGISTRY IS A SCAM, AVOID THEM

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