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20 end user domain name sales

GoDaddy and Afternic had a good sales week heading into the holidays.

The domain name aftermarket doesn’t stop just because of the holidays! Today we’re playing catchup, as this list of end user sales is for Dec 16-Dec 22 at Afternic and GoDaddy. These are part of the $1.55 million worth of aftermarket domain names they sold during the week.

You can see more end user domain name sales here.

BluDot.ca $10,000 – Furniture seller BluDot. (I’m actually typing this post on my BluDot kitchen table.)

BidOnWork.com $4,500 – eJobba.com, a soon-to-launch site for finding contract workers.

LotteryResults.co $1,299 – Lottoland Gibraltar Ltd, which appears to offer lottery tickets online.

SeedLead.com $1,000 – FarmLead, an online grain marketplace. Guess what market is next?

CafeAlfresco.com $1,900 – Advantus Leisure Management, which runs the Cafe Alfresco restaurant in Dunedin, Florida.

SouthwestVirginia.org $1,950 – Friends of Southwest Virginia, which is part of the Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation.

CoMarket.com $2,300 – KoMarketing Associates, LLC, an online marketing company. Perhaps people are confusing “co” with “ko”, although the company doesn’t own KoMarket.com.

LakeApp.com $1,700 – the owner of LakeApp.it, which offers an app for finding villas and boat schedules on Italian lakes.

LittleCaesars.co $5,000 – Harness Dickey law firm, presumably on behalf of the pizza company. Without knowing the details, it would seem that they could have acquired this domain through UDRP.

OrangeLakeCountryClub.com $1,900 – Orange Lake Resort & Country Club in Kissimmee, Florida. It already owns OrangeLake.com.

IEFO.com $6,077 – Millennium Management, an investment management firm. I’m not sure what this domain name is for.

DrinkCaddy.com $1,750 – Unigo Design Corporation, which sells a golf product called “Drink Daddy.”

OKSofas.com $2,000 – OKSofas, a Barcelona furniture company that uses OKSofas.es and .eu.

OpportunityAlberta.com $1,500 – Alberta Education, a government group in Alberta.

GivePal.com $6,700 – charitable fundraising company BidPal.

LibertyBayCU.com $1,309 – Liberty Bay Credit Union in Massachusetts, which uses LibertyBayCU.org for its website.

BReel.com $3,500 – New York production company B-Reel, which uses the hyphenated domain B-Reel.com.

ELearningZone.com $2,665 – Axis Education, an education publishing company.

ShawnSullivan.com $1,000 – real estate agent Shawn Sullivan.

ITSecurityExperts.com $2,520 – IT Security Experts Ltd in the UK.

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  1. Don says

    This is one of my favorite regular columns. It always seems more than 1/2 should have been priced higher. Surely Bidpal would have paid 10-20k for givepal.


  2. Robbie says


    Talk is cheap, companies have to make payroll, pay taxes, they cannot always throw untold dollars at domain names… you have to find common ground.

  3. Scott Neuman says

    Little Caesars could have gotten it for pennies. I bet an email and a threat of a Lanham act might have gotten it also or just offer $1500.00 Much simpler.

  4. DR.DOMAIN says

    …and then there was my modest x,xxx sale to a Texas law firm to close out the year. May there be many more.:-)

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