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  • It’s almost 2014, and people are registering 2014 domain names in droves

    1. BY - Dec 30, 2013
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    Over 6,000 2014 domain names registered in December.

    2014It’s almost 2014, and the market for registering domain names that include “2014″ is apparently quite robust.

    Verisign data show that 6,108 .com and .net domain names including “2014″ have been registered in December as of the end of yesterday.

    Scanning through the list, I picked up on a few trends.

    First, counterfeiting and unauthorized trademark use is alive and well. Many of the domain names include a brand and the year 2014, and they aren’t registered by the brand owner:

    Second, over the past week wedding domain name registrations have been robust. A lot of people get engaged over the holidays and plan their wedding for the following year. For example, and were registered within the past week. I saw many more examples following the pattern.

    Third, people are registering names of events and holidays that will take place in 2014.

    If you’re not ready to say goodbye to 2013 just yet, you’re not alone. Over 2,100 domain names including “2013″ have also been registered so far this month.


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